9 Tips on Choosing Umbrella

Umbrella is a must-have in every person’s wardrobe. And when we go to a store to choose it we often lose our heads as there is a great variety of styles, colors and even types of umbrellas.

Women like bright and beautiful items but when searching for the right umbrella one should pay attention not only to the style and design of the piece but to the quality as well.

Here are some things you have to take into account:

1. Umbrella Handle. When you see a nice umbrella the first thing you should do is to take it in your hand. Retry to understand whether you like the feeling of holding the umbrella or there is something wrong about it. If for some reason you feel uncomfortable leave this umbrella, its handle doesn’t not fit your hand anatomically. Despite all the advantages this umbrella will be inconvenient for you to carry.

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2. Material. The material the umbrella is made of is of great importance too. There are umbrellas with plastic, wooden or rubberized handles now. The plastic handle is often of poor quality. That means that if you drop your umbrella the handle can break.

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The wooden handle is much better but make sure you’ve checked it for any imperfections possible. Otherwise you will inevitably be frustrated soon.

The rubberized handle is the best as it is comfortable to hold, highly practical and durable and it will never slide out of your hand if the wind is too gusty.

Try to avoid buying umbrellas with bright-colored handles, because if they are not qualitative enough they might leave the trace of paint on your hands when wet.

3. Weight and bulk of the umbrella. If you need to walk much, lighter and more compact umbrellas are better for you. Umbrella walking stick looks great and is very durable but it is uncomfortable to carry in busses and other means of public transportation. Collapsible umbrellas are much smaller and go well into women’s handbag. But the more places of collapse it has the more breakable the umbrella is.

4. Way to open and close the umbrella. Umbrella should be easy to open and close. If you are a traveler who may have bags and other items to carry, opt for an automatic opening button. Some umbrellas also close automatically, that is another boon to the traveler or shopper.

5. Size of the umbrella hood when opened. Collapsible umbrellas can open to between 42 and 44 inches, which provides good coverage.

6. Material characteristics. Umbrella must be weatherproof and windproof, that means it won’t rust and won’t turn inside out when the wind is too high. Opt for a Teflon-treated hood. Nylon repels water and the hood will dry more quickly.

7. Design and color. If you are not sure about the design and color choose for a basic, neutral style and classic colors such as black, beige or gray. The tone of the umbrella is very important. For example, if you carry a green umbrella your face will look pale and sickly. Red color freshens up the complexion but it gradually gets on your nerves. Yellow, white or pink umbrellas are nice but easily soiled.

8. Pouch. Ensure that the umbrella has its own pouch for storage. And look for the pouch with clip or loop to carry the umbrella easily.

9. Return policy. Ask about the return policy, in case you decide to return or exchange the umbrella.

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