Alexander McQueen Keeps Adorning Bags with Skulls and Brass Knuckles (Spring/ Summer 2011)

Despite the fact Alexander McQueen himself is no longer with us his legacy, his iconic fashion label that bears his name, is alive and keeps making us happy with new amazing designs, sometimes feminine and then totally crazy. For Spring/ Summer 2011 the brand launched a diverse collection of bags which comprises lots of styles to every taste.


There are plenty of clutches in Alexander McQueen Spring/ Summer 2011 collection. Some are simple and versatile, made of reptile leather and adorned with just a few details. Others come in more elaborated designs – decorated with brass knuckles, skulls, fringing, flower and leaves patterns.


Roomier handbags are also available in Alexander McQueen Spring/ Summer 2011 bag collection. They are entirely made of high-quality leather, and embellished with studs and rivets. Occasional tassels make the bags look prettier.

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