Bettega Veneta High-Class Alligator-skin Luggage

Bottega Veneta, a world class Italian luxury goods firm, has offered its customers another chic piece to treat their vanity.

And this is not just one piece; it’s a set of really fabulous travel bags made of alligator leather.

The set looks elegant and sumptuous and is said to be designed to make its owner’s journey a pleasure. The collection consists of six matching bags coming in different sizes.

The beautiful set is covered in a superfine rich brown soft-finished alligator skin. Looks impressive!

The set is durable and has burnished metal hardware with reinforced corners and locking mechanisms.

Of course it isn’t cheap. Total price for the set is $157,000.

A large hard-sided suitcase sells for $47,500; a medium suitcase – $42,000; a small suitcase – $38,000; a briefcase – $23,500; a Torta duffle – $30,000; and a beauty case costs $23,500.

  • WOW! That’s a beautiful set of luxury alligator luggage, commanding an extraordinary high price. The soft-finished skins look fantastic and definitely required the use of some extra large alligator hides.

    I’m curious – do these come in other colors or just the soft tanned brown?

  • Who the hell would purchase this??