L’Wren Scott To Launch Eyewear Collection

L'Wren Scott To Launch Eyewear Collection

L’Wren Scott designed a collection of beautiful stylish eyewear that is set to launch in February 2013. The designer speck come in a variety of styles including cat eye and ribbon tied ‘urban fantasy goggles’.

Sunglasses are a woman’s best friend. I wanted to incorporate things that I use in my clothes so the frames mimic my experimentation with texture,

said the designer.

With glasses, it really comes down to personal preference and style; there are no steadfast rules.

L'Wren Scott To Launch Eyewear Collection

The 21-piece collection was created in collaboration with the Menrad Group that specializes in eyewear. L’Wren Scott’s frames come in various colors and textures, some are embellished with jewels others with cut-out patterns. About urban ribbon tied specs she said:

I’ve always had an obsession with the urban and I wanted to have an accessory that you can just play with and style however you like.

It’s funny, I thought the goggles would be a big success for the fashion show, but we’ve actually sold so many. There’s just so many cool ways you can wear them.

The price range of the designer sunglasses will range from £175 to £265.

L’Wren Scott’s Eyewear Collection

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