Olivia Palermo Poses for Carrera Y Carrera

Carrera y Carrera Tesoros del Imperio campaign
Olivia Palermo

Jewelry is always something all the women are obsessed with. No matter how many pairs of earrings we already have in our jewel-cases, there are still so much more to purchase. As a result, it is our poor spouses, boyfriends, or just male friends who become the victims of our everlasting affection. Well, here is one more reason for your soulmates to moan in despair and frustration. Olivia Palermo featuring in Carrera y Carrera ad campaign presents absolutely mindblowing pieces of jewelry.

Carrera Y Carrera Taps Olivia Palermo for Tesoros del Imperio Campaign

I am having hard time to tell what is capturing my attention more – these gorgeous jewelry pieces or fascinating beauty of Olivia Palermo. The Spanish jewelry brand number one has obviously made a right decision about the model choice. The It Girl hypnotizes with her natural allure and charm and makes it difficult to switch attention to the glistening items that are supposed to be the centre of Universe. Well, they are really not. I have to admit, I spent more time zooming in the photos to enjoy (for the twentieth time) Olivia’s captivating features as well as the outstanding outfits she donned for the photo shoot. As for the rings, earrings, and necklaces – yes, they are impeccable, no doubt, but it is still the American socialite who I am crazy about.

Carrera y Carrera Tesoros del Imperio campaign
Olivia Palermo

Carrera Y Carrera is considered to be one of the 30 most prestigious jewelry brands in the world. It was established by a brilliant sculptor Manuel Carrera in 1885 in Madrid. Since then on, the brand has been gaining popularity and well-deserved love of millions of customers around the world, including celebrities and royalties. It is functioning in over 40 countries now and looks like has no intention to stop growing.

All the pieces of the collection amaze with the beautiful design and unique style. Tesoros del Imperio collection was inspired by the treasures of the Spanish Empire. And I have no doubt about it, for what my eyes enjoy is truly a treasure. Olivia’s perfectly manicured hands shine with four Reina rings in yellow and white gold with diamonds. Sounds quite impressive, doesn’t it? Elegant earrings form the same set complete the fabulous Palermo-and-diamonds ensemble.

Yellow gold, amethyst, and diamonds – how do you like such a combination? Velazquez earrings, ring, and pendant all together create quite a breathtaking composition. All the pieces are very delicate and exquisite, just like Olivia is. By the way, did I mention that purple is my favorite color?

I was wondering how would one manage to bend knuckles when wearing such a massive ring. But a closer look at the picture of Olivia in a black lace dress with a sheer tulle top chased all my concerns away. The beauty rocks a duo of Cervantes ring in yellow gold and the same one but with diamonds. This is exactly what she did with the pendants, and to be honest, I like it a lot. I would like to try on both of those pendants and feel the pleasant weight of the masterpieces hanging on my neck.

Which jewelry piece did you like the most? I bet, you can’t decide on your favorite one, and trust me I understand you. It took me a while before I made my mind up. You definitely need more than one round of examining the photos of Tesoros del Imperio ad campaign to figure out which Carrera y Carrera piece you fell in love with.

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