Splash of Color in Cher Dior High Jewelry Collection

Cher Dior Exquise Emeraude ring
Cher Dior Exquise Emeraude ring

With the recent post about Carrera y Carrera Tesoros del Imperio campaign starring Olivia Palermo, I gave a push to a jewelry obsession. No wonder, this is what along with a delicious chocolate bar and a bouquet of fragrant flowers makes us, the beauties of Earth, truly happy. Even if we can’t afford purchasing every single jewelry piece that we like, we still can satisfy our aesthetic need and enjoy a wondrous view of splendid sparkling thingies. Switch on all the aesthetic appreciation that you possess and read on to find out more about Cher Dior High Jewelry collection.

Cher Dior High Jewelry Collection: Precious and Colorful

Oh my God! This is what most of you will exclaim once you see the new jewelry collection by Dior. These are not just regular items incrusted with precious stones. Cher Dior jewelry pieces are so artistic, that you won’t find enough power to not fall for them. Beautifully designed earrings, rings, and necklaces literally blind my eyes. I wonder what impression I would get if I saw the real pieces.

Victoire de Castellane as creative director of Dior Joaillerie, the brand’s inaugural jewelry division, decided to focus on colors rather than details this time. This is how she explained her concept choice:

This time, I wanted to work with the idea of all the colors fighting each other. They are not supposed to be friends, but they are stuck together.

This is de Castellane’s second collection of high jewelry for Dior House. She was inspired by the works of Monsieur Dior, reflecting his haute couture masterpieces in glittering ones of her own. All the pieces amaze with the impeccable design and combination of different gemstones. Cher Dior High Jewelry collection offers nine pairs of absolutely amazing earrings, twelve luxurious rings and two breathtaking necklaces. All of them can be worn separately or as a set along with the matching ones.

Cher Dior Majestueuse Multicolore necklace
Cher Dior Majestueuse Multicolore necklace

Cher Dior jewelry pieces might be desired by a lot of women, but not every single woman will be a good fit for these pieces of art. Yes, you got me right. I really mean it when I say that it is that magnificent Exquise Emeraude ring that will choose what finger to embrace, and not the opposite. White gold, diamonds, emeralds, Paraiba tourmalines, garnets and sapphires – what a combination! I bet such a ring would be pretty picky and capricious about whose hand to beautify.

Phenomenal Majestueuse Multicolore necklace in yellow gold looks totally awesome. This is something I would wear with a black or white dress to one of those fashionable Awards Ceremonies. Any guesses about what stones make up this gorgeous piece? Don’t torture yourself, instead check out the impressive list of the gems that all together create such a mesmerizing ensemble: diamonds, pink, purple and yellow sapphires, emeralds, garnets, Paraiba tourmalines and rubies. I don’t even dare to think of how many zeros this necklace’s price tag has.

A pair of sophisticated Fascinante Emeraude earrings is awfully hard to resist. They will glorify any lady and make her the queen of the event. One thing I am concerned about is how heavy the earrings in yellow gold, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, Paraiba tourmalines, garnets and rubies would be. And how long we have to train our delicate ears before getting an actual chance to sport this amazing accessory.

Cher Dior High Jewelry collection is unquestionably irresistible. It is hard to choose the best piece, since all of them are marvelous. Victoire de Castellane had an intention to surprise and please millions of women around the world, and she definitely met her goal. Check out the gallery and let your eyes enjoy these glorious masterpieces again and again.

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