Yummi Glass – Fly away pendants

Talented designer Alison Overbeke made a unique exquisitely hand-crafted glass jewelry brand, named Yummi Glass. Her jewelry lines sells in the finest shops in the USA, Europe, and Japan.

Alison Overbeke launched her first jewelry line consisting of earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, and cufflinks back in 1999.

Butterfly pendant Yummi Glass

Her purpose was to design jewelry that was classic and simple. Alison Overbeke’s first collection was “Classic” with jewel-toned pendants on organza ribbon. Soon designer broadened into different collections, including the Heart collection, Safari collection, Klimt collection, Sea Life collection, Butterfly collection, Gold collection, Ribbon collection and her unique Faceted collection.

Fashion jewelry comes and goes” says Ms Overbeke, “but Yummi Glass should prove to be timeless and ‘cutting edge’ at the same time.”

Fly away pendants by Yummi Glass.

Butterfly pendant on leather cord turquoise and cognac

Cognac and turquoise butterfly pendant is on brown leather lace.

Left: Tiny butterfly pendant on leather cord baby blue Yummi Glass.

In the middle: Clear butterfly pendant with 24ct yellow gold detail on gold leather cord.

Right: Tiny butterfly pendant on leather cord baby amber

All glass pendants is personally hand-crafted using traditional methods in Murano, Venice. The leather cord measures 16 inches in length and fastens up a sterling silver toggle buckle.

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You can buy this beautiful necklaces at yummiglass.com

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