Carey Mulligan on Cover of US Vogue May 2013 Issue

Carey Mulligan US Vogue May 2013
Carey Mulligan of The Great Gatsby on US Vogue May 2013 Cover

Seems like the obsession with The Great Gatsby movie came to the fashion industry as Carey Mulligan covers the May 2013 US Vogue issue. The 27-year-old UK actress, who plays Daisy Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, appears on the cover in the lime green gown from Oscar de la Renta Fall Winter 2013-2013 collection, which evoked diverse feelings among people: while some consider it to be ugly, others think that it is one of the best dresses to cover the US Vogue lately. Carey’s boring facial expression also was a matter of dispute.

The photoshoot was captured by the lens of Mario Testino and styled by Grace Coddington, who usually doesn’t style the celebrity features, but this time she made an exception. On the pictures Carey appears in the role of the 1920’s socialite as she wears an array of the stunning garments with rich embellishment from high fashion brands like Chanel, Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, Nina Ricci and Oscar de la Renta and rolls in Tiffany & Co jewelry pieces.

Carey Mulligan on US Vogue May 2013 Cover

Carey Mulligan of The Great Gatsby in The Photoshoot for US Vogue May 2013

In fact, Daisy Buchanan is considered to be one of the literature’s most loved and at the same time despised characters and Mulligan is ready to be criticized for her character:

I’m fully prepared to be completely ripped apart. Well, I’m not prepared; that’s the thing. I don’t want to be torn apart. We’ve all just tried something; we had fun, and we tried to do something interesting and exciting, something that people could connect with.

Mulligan stated that she found the source of inspiration in Ginevra King and Zelda Fitzgerald, who were the mistress and the wife of F, Scott Fitzgerald, author of Great Gatsby.

Carey Mulligan on US Vogue May 2013 Cover
Carey Mulligan of The Great Gatsby in The Photoshoot for US Vogue May 2013

Mulligan about her role:

She feels like she’s living in a movie of her own life. She’s constantly on show, performing all the time. Nothing bad can happen in a dream. You can’t die in a dream. She’s in her own TV show. She’s like a Kardashian.

Lately Mulligan was not in demand since she starred in the movies Drive and Shame back in 2011. However her personal life was progressing as she married Marcus Mumford in 2012, the signer of the popular bang Mumford & Sons.

Carey on her marriage:

It’s unsettling that you get exactly what you wanted. Not like some version of it, not a slightly lesser version of it, but exactly. You’re like: This is weird. It is weird.

The premiere of The Great Gatsby is scheduled on May 10. Besides it will open the Cannes Film Festival on May 15.

Carey Mulligan Photoshoot for US Vogue May 2013

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