Casadei Marrakech Shoes

Casadei Marrakech Shoes
Casadei Marrakech Shoes

Casadei never misses a chance to stun its numerous fans. The famous footwear brand always releases striking collections which immediately become the object of obsession by all the ladies in the universe. This time the label designed a magnificent line of sandals which will blow your mind the moment you see them. And it is not only about the perfect quality or some regular designs. This latest line by Casadei features the oriental motifs and sweet dreams of the eastern culture. I believe the name of the saucy collection speaks for itself. Marrakech is a marvelous city in Morocco, which is on the very north-west of the African continent. Are you already intrigued by the content? Read on to find out more about the stunning shoes!

Casadei Spring/Summer 2014: Greetings From Marrakech

The adorable line features eleven pairs that all will speak to you. I adore the patterned heels as well as the rich embellishment in gold that every piece is saturated with.

The colour palette dips into exclusively natural hues, such as white, sand, nude and gold. The burnished silver finishings are transformed into aged golden leathers, etched and coupled with micro-chains. Pitch black kohl tattoos the leather borders as if to underscore their seductive gaze. Mirrored surfaces envelope the backs of the uppers like shields. The intricate, three-dimensional minaret designs give the heels a sculptured effect and inspire the patterns of the carved skins, mounted on a mesh that veils the foot like a fishnet stocking.

It is really impossible to pass by any of the presented shoes. Even if you are not a huge fan of the oriental culture, Marrakech collection will take your breath away. Besides, all the items are quite functional despite the rich adornment and delicate shades. Browse through the gallery to feel a taste of Morocco.

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