Charles Jourdan makes shoes again

While some designers and labels go bankrupt there are always those who use the time and appear on the stage. I’m talking about an iconic shoe label Charles Jourdan which is reported to be returning to the catwalk.

The brand was top popular in the 60s and 70s and now wants another chance. It will unveil a new collection at Paris Fashion Week at the Premiere Classe exhibition.

Alexandra Neel who used to work with Balenciaga and Celine is creating the new collection for the label’s owners Groupe Royer, who purchased the company in December 2008.

Alexandra is very busy with her design process. She comments:

I try to do something very different for stiletto addicts who are looking for something other than the usual.”

The firm filed for bankruptcy with over $9 million in debt in 2002. For a few years we heard nothing about it when in 2007 Paris Hilton’s family got interested in the label and made an attempt to revive the label.

It was even rumored Paris’s mother Kathy planned to design a new collection, but it never happened.

Hope this time everything will be fine and soon we will enjoy new unexpected designs.