UGGs – “Ugly Boots” are here!

We want to look trendy the year round. But it’s probably winter now! UGGs are one of the most trendy and celebs’ favorite winter footwear!

Claudia Schiffer, Eva Longoria, Beyonce Knowles, Paris Hilton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sienna Miller, Britney Spears, Kate Moss and others made their chose for the benefit of this warm, comfortable and natural footwear.

UGGs is the Australian footwear masterpiece created for the surfers to warm the feet on the cold sea shore sand.

UGGs is the abbreviation of “Ugly boots”.

UGGs are the unique! You feel good no matter what season you wear them! An air cushion, so to say, helps to keep warmth around the leg in winter and the sheepskin fibres take all the skin moisture evaporating it actively in summer.

Thus there is a kind of natural thermo balance: sheepskin absorbs the moisture much better (33 %) than cotton (8%). Moreover, the sheepskin fibres secrete the lanolin that is antiseptic moistening the skin.

That means you are given the chance to feel comfortable both at the -29 and +78 F temperature.

The thick wool insole forms the surgical footbed providing easy wear the twenty-four hours round. The UGGs crepesole is very freeze-resistant and not slippery.

UGGs look good with casual styles as well as with skirts and jeans. This season blue, pink and natural colors of UGGs are trendy again.

There is a great variety of this footwear now: downy seam decorated UGGs, lacing and bow ornamented UGGs, logotype and impression beautified UGGs!

It’s a true paradox: Having purchased the Ugly Boots you look Beautiful and Trendy!

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  • oh, i adpre them! i do have the pair! they’r so so so……..

  • i want Uggs!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaa………!!!!!!!
    i want them!!!!!!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaa………..

  • I dont get why people think that Uggs are Ugly. They look soft and fuzzy….now Crocs are another story.

  • How much ??????

  • Dear Jill. Thank you for your keen interest!
    The price for UGGs varies between $99.95 and $139.95. But it can be higher. Everything depends on the producer. See the ” U G Gs Boots Sale” and “Trendy Sheepskin Boots” ads above the post.
    Hope you’ll buy UGGs you want and will share your impressions with us!

    Truly yours,
    Adeline Rouge.

  • I am very fortunate to have 2 pairs & I love them. I don’t no what I would wear on my feet if I didn’t have them. They go with anything & Keep your feet warm. I strongly recommend having the UGG care kit!

  • I personnaly find UGGs style so ugly, they’re such a big trend and I’m trying to find chic / sporty alternatives, they’re just so terrible looking, I find them cute for 16 yrs old, but definately not cute for a “lady”, if you know what I mean. They have this look that says “I don’t care what I look like”. Anyways, I’ll never own a pair of UGG’s.

  • I’m glad I haven’t been conned into paying around $100 to wear these ugg-ly boots. I think they are ugly. Some people like them, hooray for them. Personally, I just wear some fuzzy socks with the shoes I wear the rest of the year and all is warm.

  • I personnaly find UGGs style so ugly

  • i really like the look of these, something new and different, the Ugg Boot fashion world continues to intrigue me!

  • Gorgeous. I love ugg boots.

  • hey im 12 and sporty and uggs are reaally cute there soft AND cute im getting a pair there great for the winter/fall and also im not a trend follower but i love uggs

  • hey guys i got uggs for 60 bucks in women real uGgs not tooo expensive

  • I love reading your blog,Thanks

  • Hi there

    I adore the emroided pair of uggs…where can i buy them and how much do they cost. Im situated in SA.