Vivo Barefoot range by Terra Plana

Terra Plana shoes look very pretty but this isn’t the only factor you should consider to try them on.

These shoes are eco-friendly and comfortable, but this again isn’t what can make you look at them closer.

terra plana shoes 6
What is essential about this footwear is that it is healthy and natural. By healthy I mean they strengthen foot muscles, improve posture, and stimulate nerve endings. Impressed? Me, too.

terra plana shoes 4

I do like the designs. Maybe they aren’t as classy as those we are used to but they can go with more casual styles. And I like the fact they have high heels and promise comfort at the same time.

terra plana shoes 2

terra plana shoes 5

terra plana shoes 1

terra plana shoes 3

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  • I have worn Terra Planas Lucy trainers for over a year now and they are great! They are from the Vivo Barefoot range. These mimic a barefoot action which have really helped me. I suffered with a foot injury some time ago and my right foot has never been the same so i wanted a stylish yet healthy footwear option that would help strengthen my foot muscles, keep the pressure of my metatarsal bones and look good. Im really impressed with this company/brand and if you love the look of these, then try out Vivo’s!

  • I would love to purchase terra plana shoes 4 how do I have them shipped to Holland

  • Contact their website, i am sure they organize shipping to Holland.