New York Fashion Week: Marchesa Spring/ Summer 2012

The best designer of red carpet dresses Georgina Chapman showcased her amazing Marchesa collection during New York Fashion Week in September. There were a lot of ball gowns signature to the brand but the designer also showcased simpler designs which looked amazing.


Georgina Chapman was able to surprise everyone at her Marchesa Spring /Summer 2012 fashion show. Not only simpler designs were unexpected but also the fact the collection was demonstrated as a fashion show, not an exhibition.


Unveiled during New York Fashion Week Marchesa Spring/ Summer 2012 collection was chic and simple at the same time. Although there were plenty of ‘wow’ gowns with flounces, beading, and embroidery there were also dresses that marked a huge difference from Chapman’s usual craftsmanship. First of all it was the fringing that the designer used extensively, but it didn’t look the way it normally does, it was classy and totally elegant. Made in silver and golden colors the dresses looked fantastic.


The dresses which attracted me a lot in Marchesa Spring/ Summer 2012 collection were made of chiffon but elaborate crystal beading was seen through the sheer fabric. It looked really amazing.

Is there a dress in Marchesa Spring/ Summer 2012 collection that you like much?

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