Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Spring/ Summer 2011

With a few previous Chanel collections that had been lighthearted and incredibly feminine I was very much surprised to see a rather gloomy and dark Spring/ Summer 2011 range. However, Karl Lagerfeld has a clear explanation for such a change.

chanel spring summer 2011

The respected designer says he was inspired by Last Year at Marienbad, the film from the early sixties. Some say the film is really boring but for Lagerfeld it worked perfectly. The designs looked fantastic though the color palette wasn’t actually the brightest or exhilarating. The show that lasted 18 minutes featured over 80 models (that is very unusual for fashion shows).

chanel spring summer 2011

Speaking about the garments in Chanel Spring/ Summer 2011 collection I can say they all looked somehow unfinished, with threads hanging from every piece, feathers, holes, etc. Leather thigh-high socks, knitted tunics, lace trousers, jeans with funny dots, suits that comprised classic-style jackets and very short shorts, floral dresses – all looked refreshing and stylish. But I liked the details more: hat-shaped umbrellas, leather bracelets, fingerless gloves, clutches reminding of schoolbag design, and open-toed patterned ankle boots.

See the video from Chanel Spring/ Summer 2011 fashion show: