Urban Lady in ZAC Zac Posen Spring/Summer 2014

ZAC Zac Posen Spring/Summer 2014
ZAC Zac Posen Spring/Summer 2014

Another brand who already had a chance to showcase the Spring/Summer 2014 collection at New York fashion week is ZAC Zac Posen. What you will see will definitely make your mouths water, I am sure. These are not just regular articles of clothing, but a number of masterpieces that are capable to make any woman shine and allure. Scroll down without any hesitation – you won’t be disappointed, trust me. More than that, after checking out the images of the show, you will hardly remember what it was that you were doing.

ZAC Zac Posen Spring/Summer 2014: Woman and City

Zac Posen opted for an image of a confident young lady, who lives in a busy megapolis. She seems to be well-aware of what it is that she wants and, thus, she walks along the streets without looking back or pausing.

To impress her boss and the colleagues with her impeccable office-wear style, Zac Posen woman dons a range of incredibly explicit and sophisticated pant suits as well as skirts and midi dresses. But she also takes a chance to have a rest somewhere outside the crowded city, where she can enjoy the rays of summer sun in her beautiful crop tops and bohemian maxi dresses.

One thing I love about this Spring/Summer 2014 collection in particular is the great variety of accessories that complement each of the looks. Wide-brimmed straw hats in cream remind me of the vacation somewhere in Hawaii, whereas flared high-waisted pants draw an image of a cruise yacht and champagne showers.

A number of absolutely breath-taking frocks in various styles and lengths are super hard to be undesirable. Printed or in a solid color, each of the dresses creates a different mood and approach, making our gloomy autumn look more appealing.

If you were looking for some kind of motivation to survive through the coming cold season, this is it. Just enjoy the photos of ZAC Zac Posen Spring/Summer 2014 and look forward to the warm and sunny spring!

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