Alexander McQueen Dress: Kim Kardashian Vs Victoria Beckham

While Victoria Beckham is known for her stick-thin figure and Kim Kardashian is praised for voluptuous curves, both ladies wore the same Alexander McQueen dress for occasions that were important for them. Victoria wanted to create the illusion of an hourglass figure and Kim just tried to accentuate her impressive assets.


I think McQueen’s dress looked much better on Kim. What are your opinions, girls?

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  • i like victoria. kim looks like shes going to explode.

  • Both looks bad…Victoria is too thin and Kim too fat, this kind of dress doesn’t point her!

  • Umm, noo. Kim looks horrendous.

  • vitoria always looks good no matter what she’s wearing…kim looks a bit fat!

  • While it’s nice to see curvy women in Hollywood not scared of flaunting it, This just doesn’t look good on Kim. Victoria pulled it off, but not perfectly as it seems to not fit her body well.

  • kim looks horrible

  • Kim looks amazing in it. I like how she kept the dress long. If it was shortened, it would’ve made her look hefty. Her long extensions offer a balance to the extreme pattern of the dress.

  • Victoria looks amazing, kim looks ALOT worse!

  • Not quite ladies. People have unrealistic standards for women. Meaning: Kim is not by any means “fat” she’s curvy. She presents the dress better than Victoria who looks starved.

  • I think Kim looks great. It’s not the most flattering dress on her (ugly colors) but it fits her much better than Victoria. Kim is not fat, that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

  • This dress is ugly period. It doesn’t work for either of them.

  • Kim looks like a sausage ready to burst. Victoria looks better

  • Kim looks abnormally fat. Gross.
    Victoria actually looks pretty nice.

  • While I admit I am tired of seeing Kim K everywhere thr truth of the matter is she is what you would call female prototype. Women are SUPPOSED to be curvy in the hips, thighs,buttocks and have thick legs. She isnt fat whatsoever. Thats a woman right there. Its strange to me when people think that us chicks should be straight up and down, no thighs, no leg, no hips, nothing…just built like a boy. Uggh. We have estrogen for a reason. Kim looks superb in that dress. Some of ya’ll are totally bugging. Smh.

  • Both look awful.

  • I’m really surprised by a lot of these comments on here. When I first saw these pictures, I was disturbed by Victoria’s thin frame. Kim’s curves make the dress look great. She is not fat at all. That kind of talk would make all of us women stop eating just to look like skeletor. We’re women for god’s sake! We were meant to have curves!

  • You girls are just jealous. Victoria is horrendous and Kim has a beautiful set of curves.

  • Are you people crazy picking that skeleton over Kim? Why do people continue to try pushing bones over meat? I’d be scared to hold Victoria. That’s a homicide if you hug her to tight.

  • victoria 100% !

  • No one is saying Kim is fat. They’re saying the dress MAKES her look fat. The dress doesn’t work for either of them. It’s a horrendous abhorration!

  • Kim, by far.

  • Wanna read a male opinion? Well, that’s obvious: Victoria Beckham is a skeleton, Kim Kardashian is a woman, period. I’m not a necrophile… The same goes with shaved crotches.

  • I think they both look good in their own way.Victoria is slim and she looks good.Kim is curvy and she looks good too.No need hating on both

  • who is thinner likes victoria beckham. who is more full likes kim.
    in my mind the real woman has to have curves. it`s just normal.
    neither of them is ugly. it`s a matter of taste.

  • Kim easily looks better, she has curves which men prefer, to see VB it looks like a dress hanging on a rack. lol
    Anyone saying Kim is fat needs an eye test, get real..

  • hola soy latina especificamente panameña…y dejenme decirles que en mi pais la mayoria de las mujeres somos como Kim!!! VIVA KIM si que tiene agallas para llevar esas curvas bien puestas en esa mundo tan dificil como lo es hollywood!!!! la felicito y que se enorgullezca de llevar esas curvas que representa a las MUJERES COMUNES del mundo!!! no esas flacuchentas horribles que practicamente estan ASEXUADAS con esos cuerpos de niñas sin senos ni traseros!!!!
    que horror no entiendo como a los hombres pueden gustarles mujeres asi enfermas anorexicas que no aceptan su sexualidad ser voluminosa tambien es ser bella!!! tener curvas eso les gusta a los hombres normales…los demas son unos enfermos que se acuestan con mujeres con cuerpos de niñas.
    Mujeres del mundo aceptemos nuestra sexualidad libremente!!! AMEMOS NUESTRAS CURVAS!!

  • I’m a guy and I have to say that i LOVE Kim here and always. I love the curves hundred times more than a disturbingly thin girl. start eat ffs! it looks awful.

  • Let me just say that not every woman is BLESSED with outrageous curves like kim. Though true victoria could stand to be 5 pounds heftier its not her fault she doesnt “fit” the mold. It irks me to hear that your body measures your worth nowadays…-_- we have young girls starving & dying & other girls having dangerous surgery just to measure up to others. Its sick!!! Personally growing up it was known that if you didnt look like kim you werent even worth a second glance i say screw em! We should celebrate all shapes & sizes & stop corrupting young girls minds with such stupidity.

  • I think that Kim looks FABULOUS! How could anyone think that Kim looks fat? Kim looks simply amazing (and how a real woman should look) and Victoria looks like a twig (malnourished and sickly).

  • i cant believe some people is choosing victoria or saying kim looks fat in that dress, when it makes her look like a GODDESS

  • Kim looks fat and weird actually

  • i would say it looks slightly better on victoria. and thats not to say i think kim is fat, i dont, i think she has a wonderful body, but the dress isnt at all flattering.
    Whether you are curvy or stick thin, you need to dress to suit your body, and i just think this dress happens to suit smaller frames.

  • When people comment and say Kim is “fat” they are only increasing the reason so many teenage girls completely hate their appearance. She’s not fat.

  • bfg666 I bet if you asked the vast majority of males would prefer kim’s appearance i.e grossly exaggerated female characteristics; breasts , hips etc as these are fertility markers. Vicky B removed her implants; Kim apparently has had every type of implant going – not sure if this is true. Don’t know why this apparently makes her ‘healthier’ though?

  • There is no comparison! Kim may be a useless twat, but she wins by a mile. The dress accentuates her sexy hourglass physique.

  • People who call kim fat are just jealous, maybe if you guys saved up for some breast and butt implants you wouldn’t be so jealous. Victoria looks like a living corpse.

  • It is a really , really ugly dress if you ask me.
    But , If i have to make a choice ..
    Kim looks way hotter in it then the skeleton on the left.

  • OMG worst pic of KIM ever… the seams of that dress are crying and about to colapse… I loved the way Ella post it ”grossly exaggerated female characteristics” best way to describe…
    POSH is so perfect and classy but definately not her best dress…

  • Victoria looks elegant, Kim looks like a sausage.

  • Kim? Fat? Do you even SEE a stomach on this girl? There’s a different between having boobs and hips and being fat. That’s why America is such a fat country–we don’t even know what fat is!

  • Kim’s curves look amazing! What a difference compared to Victoria.

  • That dress makes them both look ugly. Period.

  • Where did Victoria hide her hips again? o.o

  • Ok. Now I know exactly how I would look if I had been shorter. I’m 5’8″ and my body is very similar to Kim’s, but I look leaner ’cause of my height; if I was her height, I’d look almost like her (minus the nose job).

  • it gets me sooo mad when ppl say curvy girls are fat, im 5’2 like kim and very similar body type. wide hips small waist big bum big boobs flat stomach thin arms and legs and face.It actually makes me want to starve myself to get rid of them. Men say they like this type of girls but they go with anerexic flat chested girls.The only men interested in me are black and (no offence) but I’m not attracted to black men…

  • Kim is not fat but looks enormous in this dress, victoria always looks good and definately looks the best in this dres!!

  • kim k is a complete amazon. she is just freakishly big and draggy looking no matter what she wears. Victoria is delicate and feminine like a doll. no contest…

  • Soy de acuerdo con Maribel. I think that North American media has done a great deal to cause a type of narrow-mindedness concerning healthy sizes in women. How could Kim be considered fat? At the same time, I don’t think that Victoria can help her natural body type.

    That said, I believe that this particular dress is designed to help women like Victoria create the illusion of having curves, while Kim already does.

  • Everyone is born with a certain body type and everyone has their own preferences. Kim has a curvy frame, Victoria has a slim frame. We might think one looks better than the other but calling them “fat” or “skeletor” is just pointless.

  • Having boobs and hips is nice. O.O but ewwwww. kim just looks fat O.O. seriously, like what that person said, she looks like a sausage about to burst O.O….. but yeah, not many ppl look like either of them…

  • So not everyone has the plastic fantastic look. To be honest the dress looks awful. Vicky is rail thin as always and should stop pretending. Kim is all pretend anyway so I guess she can continue being a tart.

  • omgeee!!! kim looks horrible! look at victoria’s arm she’s perfectly skinny and healthy:) kim looks abnormal in this pic, like a fake doll with too much HIPS :/

  • Kim is absolutely GORGEOUS. How can you compare Kim with someone that looks like a dead person. No way!!! Curves rule!!!!

  • Kim looks like a goddess here, eh. And of course I’ll choose Kim here not just for being stylish but also for being lethally gorgeous and voluptuous.

  • I’m so fucking mad. FAT? Kim K. is anything but fat. Victoria looks starved in this picture, while Kim actually looks like she eats. Girls are supposed to be curvy. I doubt Victoria is wearing makeup, and I can’t believe you can compare Victoria to Kim in these photos. Maybe in another dress Beckham looks irresistible but in this Kim takes the prize for sure.

  • Kim by far she looks amazing

  • This is a question you have to ask a man. And as a man I certainly wouldnt want a starved looking waif like Victoria. Kim has it all. Skinny girls go have a few BIG MACS please!!!

  • I don´t like the dress on Kim, looks too much for her…Victoria wears better but i think she has to gained weight.

  • To everyone calling Kim fat- hello? She’s got curves! Sure you can be fat and curvy but you can also be thinand be curvy. Kim’s very curvy, and that dress isn’t the most flattering for her.

    To everyone saying Victoria is too thin and needs to eat a big mac- Get over it, some people don’t eat meat, and are thinner because of it. Some people are naturally thinner, and even try to get curves(breast implants anyone?). And sure some people are anorexic and don’t eat enough but don’t say harsh things towards them because they already feel terrible and hate themselves enough. The dress isn’t flattering on Victoria either, her body isn’t the right shape for it.

    In my opinion these two girls are on the extreme sides of curvy and thin and I think the dress is meant for a girl who’s in the middle. And stop judging girls ASAP because I see people insulting VB for being to thin and calling KK beautiful, and I see people calling KK fat and VB beautiful. Kim doesn’t need to lose and Victoria doesn’t need to gain. They’re both beautiful but in different ways, why can’t you people see that? Judging people is what makes them change their bodies for the worse, so stop it already!

  • no contest – victoria wins. clothes look better on thin women – hence MODELS!!

  • Kim’s streaching the fabric. lool

  • ok say what you will, but as much as i root for women to embrace and love their curves when they have it, i do NOT think kim kardashian should be a symbol for curvy women… maybe im mistaken, but when i normally see curvy girls, it is very rare that they have HUGE breasts, HUGE butts but this itty bitty teeny waist that normally goes on a relatively straight-hipped women. i’m not saying they don’t exist, but kim k’s assets are so exaggerated it hardly comes off as natural. also, women come in all shapes and sizes, just because you’re very thin (naturally) doesn’t make you any less of a woman. but that was just my idea about kim, maybe im totally wrong, but that’s just the way i see it.

  • shes not fat. you guys have high standards. if you had a friend that had a body like hers you wouldnt call her fat would you? its the same damn thing. she may not be my favorite celeb but i do not think that she is in anyway “fat” if shes fat than call me a f***ing whale

  • The dress flatters neither of their figures.

  • Curves are one thing but Kim looks like a tub here! She looks too wide! Maybe it’s a bad angle.

  • I think the dress is ugly, I LOVE Victoria Beckham and this is the worst I’ve EVER seen her dress and Kim is FAR from fat her body is great but the dress is hideus! sorry. Love both girls, hate the dress!

  • I think Kim looks much better, Victoria looks nice to for a model.

  • Victoria looks ok but kim looks horrible.she
    needs a bigger size it looks too tightson her,some one been eating too many cakes. Victoria looks ok I looks if she put a little weight on and went up to a 6 or 8 she would look healthly but hey everyone a different size. jealousis a very sad thing. I people make comments about me when im out I really dont care because I look better than them and im comfable so there. And kims not curvy. she fat. FAT people always say there curvy but no it fat. very different

  • I think each woman is beautiful in her own way, although I do think Victoria looks too thin in this picture. Unfortunately, the dress makes both Kim and Victoria look like they are bound for a Star Trek mission. Ditch the dresses, and find something better to wear that accentuates the positive!

  • you all are crazy. Kim is beautiful, as is Victoria. I think this dress looks great on both of them, if i had to choose which body i would rather have, I would definitely take kim. Starving is no fun.

  • Ciarra is right. For those of you idiots calling Kim “fat”, you have pathetic standards for what is considered fat. If you’ve seen Kim’s body, you’d know she’s in shape and toned, opposite of fat. She’s just one of the few Hollywood women out there who actually doesn’t have skin and bones for a body, she’s got a real woman’s body. Curves! Definitely not fat. Victoria, while also absolutely gorgeous, needs to eat something! She’s way too skinny. And that’s not attractive. The dress, on the other hand, doesn’t look good on either person, as it is not a flattering pattern for either of their body types.

  • they both look pretty :]
    but girls who are skinny like Victoria are considered fashionable when wearing a dress like this, and girls who have curves like kim are seen as sexy.

  • Kim do…But im sorry you do not have any sence of fashion if you think look bad or fat…Kim has a beautiful set of curves…Curves is not fat people why will somebody want to look sick..sorry this goes to KIM!!! yall need to stop looking a these runway model and think it look nice. Looking like a stick is GROSS!!!

  • I don’t really think there is a person in the world that can pull off that dress. I don’t see it as flattering, period. Both women probably have the right weight for their body type. The end. It’s not about pretty or anything like that. They’re healthy. They both look fine. Personally, I appreciate a slender woman’s body over so-called ‘thick’ bodies much more, but really, who is anybody to say that Victoria starves herself? They both have curves, just to different degrees. Just like most people, they eat what makes them feel comfortable. Victoria isn’t anorexic, and Kim doesn’t shove fistfuls of sausages down her throat.

  • eish…. i really don’t understand you people at all! you call Kim fat? if actually came down to my country where women have booty you wud think we r obese? any way true the dress for kim is overkill but Victoria is frightful thin!… doesn’t she eat at all?

  • I am a girl with hips and quite curvy, and I also think Kim looks fat, I think she could loose a little bit of weight. Someone said she has no belly that is because curvier women tend to keep fat at the hips area.

    Also by experience girls with big hips should stay away from clothes designed to make things look bigger and rounder, it makes nice hips look huge.

  • that dress looks like its hanging on the hanger on victoria..

  • for everyone who thinks looks fat… fu seriouslt kim does not and for you tto say he looks fat is crazy …does she not look a little cruvy yes but whats the big deal they both look good and they both are soooo pretty and it was just a hard dress to pull off

  • Are you guys kidding me?!?! Kim is far from fat, she is curvy and sexier than ever. So you have to be a stick to look good, since when does stick and bones look good?? I am average myself but would kill to look like Kim. You and the media have some serious issues if you think curvy like kim is fat.

  • I think kim looks horrible. Victoria looks much better. That is just honest opinion though.

  • Posh looks like a bag of bones. Kim looks like a well shaped woman. Hour glass figure. The dress is ugly…

  • victoria look like sticks that can barely stand. and the cheek bones!!!! wo hugs her cos it feels painful!!!!

  • Ladies!
    Kim has a wonderful body, but it 100% does NOT look its best in this dress. and everyone here seems to be going to town to defend Kim’s curves but there are women out there who also have skinny frames (see here: Embrace all body types!)

  • Victoria is anorexic. Does not look bad, but Kim really makes the dress!! Looks like a godess!! Beautiful woman.

  • Kim looks better hands down! If you that are more parcel to the anorexic look more power to you!Clearly not to offend Victoria but, she’s got that lollipop look….big head and tiny,tiny tiny frame. All bones and no meat! Kim is beautifully curveaous and sexy! Ask any real man. A real man loves curves! You Go Kim!!!!

  • It’s sad to see a grown woman who is so thin that she looks like a pre pubescent boy with breast implants. I like Victoria Beckham’s sense of humor which has been shown in her reality show a few years ago, but her eating habits must be quite abnormal. I hope her new daughter grows up with normal eating habits and not her mother’s. Kim is beautiful and much more natural. She has a physical appearance that more women could identify with even if they couldn’t match it exactly. If we all looked like that we’d all be on magazine covers, right? The dress itself? I don’t like it.

  • Some of yall r h8rz kim is not fat And it looks much better on her

  • In my opinion that is a horrendus dress. it looks too big on victoria and while it fits fine, the pattern makes kim look crazy weird like she’s about to burst out of that dress. I think they should try something a little calmer and more flattering for their body types. same dress for kim but in a different color/no pattern would look super sexy!

  • Victoria does have curves, she’s just lean because she probably has a healthier lifestyle and thinks about what she eats and exersizes. Kim to me (here) looks completely fake, almost like an alien fish. Curves are one thing, thin or fat who cares? Just be healthy. Plastic surgery of any kind is unhealthy. I don’t see how people are calling Kim “natural” when she’s had surgery on everything. Calling her natural is creating more unrealistic expectations. Be realistic people. Personally, the dress on Kim looks like she just wanted attention and it didn’t exactly work out.

  • I have to agree with people saying Victoria looks too thin. However the dress looks a bit better on her as it looks like a dress made more for a petite body than a curvy body.
    As for Kim, unfortunately I have to disagree with the people saying she’s just looks curvy. That may be the case for Kim in general, but in this dress, it looks more like “thunder thighs” than “curvy thighs”. Sorry, not trying to be mean, the dress just makes her hips look TOO big.

  • sounds like some haters kim looks nice and thick and those are nice curves now most of these girls that wrote she looks fat is because you girls must have flat buts and flat chest and skinny….. girls with meat look better

  • Kim looks like a real woman, Victoria looks like she has a terminal illness.

  • Victoria looks SHIT!

  • Women r meant to hav curves!

  • All d opinions sayin dat Kim looks fat- FUCK OFF!

  • Victoria looks better in it as her dress fits her. Kim wears her clothes way too tight and would look better in the dress one size up. She looks trampy to me.

  • victory looks better than kim !

  • I’m a guy and I’m as tired of this fat vs. thin converstion as the next guy; some like ‘em think and some thin but if they’re healthy who cares.
    Victoria looks thin but does have curves, more like a 2 minute egg timer than an hour glass shape. Kim though is fat, I don’t know how anyone could say otherwise since fat doesn’t just show on the belly…, she has more like a 24 hour glass shape than an hour glass.

    Neither look good in this dress it’s just bad all around, there’s just more (a lot more, like twice as much) around Kim than Victoria.


  • Victoria looks like a crack whore coming out of rehab. my votes for kim

  • sorry, kim may have “curves” but most of them are fake. like her ass.
    and have you saw the cellulite on kims fat thighs?
    last time i checked, fit girls didn’t have that. kim is ugly, ugly, ugly. and soooo fucking fake. ew.
    this dress just makes her look fatter

  • I think Kim looks ‘sexier’ by far…I get the impression that victoria doesn’t like having womanly curves…whereas Kim although she does look slightly ill at ease, she is very sexy and I like it.

  • What the hell is wrong with you people? Kim has a beautiful body! She’s so not fat! Victoria looks like a skeleton on drugs!!

  • Wow! women really don’t like their bodies. If all of these ladies think Kim is fat then what do they really think of fat people. I think that ethnicity has a huge role in body image. People with less melanin tend to think that thinnest is best where as people with more would prefer a curvier woman. I myself like curves. I just think its sexier and more womanly. I’m not a fan of angles on a woman. Kim doesn’t look fat at all. Victoria on the other hand does look too thin. The dress just looks baggy on her. The dress on Kim looks like its too tight. People have their reasons for liking both women but I like Kim and all those curvy girls like her. I’m a curvy girl and I wouldn’t ever want to be that thin.

  • They both don’t fit the dress well.
    Vic is too small and it doesn’t create an hourglass figure, it seems to highlight the fact that she doesn’t have one.
    Kim looks like she is squeezed into the dress and because it does highlight an hourglass figure, it makes her look too big.

  • First of all you all need to stop hating on both of them. In my personal opinion that dress is ugly, but kim looks slightly better. As for those people saying all women should have curves, stfu women arent all built the same. Some of us are built thin and cant gain weight. You women that are truly overweight really need to stop hating and be healthy. Lay off the donuts, trust me, its alot easier than forcing yourself to eat more than your used to.
    Opposite goes to people advocating for skin and bones. A little meat wont hurt!

    I, myself am working to gain weight..YES WORKING. I eat HEALTHY higher calorie foods to maintain a healthy weight because my metabolism is so fast.

    Overweight people have surgeries dedicated to them, theres no surgery for me to be able to eat more. . LETS ALL GAIN/LOSE SOME AND BE HEALTHY INSTEAD OF HATING ON OTHERS BECAUSE OF INSECURITIES.

  • They both look alright in it. Stop raggin’ on either of them for their bodies.. We are all built differently and they are both beautiful in their own ways. Just because a woman is thin doesn’t mean she’s starving herself.. I eat like no other and have a body like Victoria’s..But really that dress looks terrible on or off, in my opinion.

  • Victoria looks better in the dress. It makes Kim look chubbier. I would not wear that dress. Why are they different lengths?! Maybe a shorter length would’ve looked better on Kim?!

  • I think most of the people leaving comments have a really askew idea of what a women is supposed to look like.I think kim looks beautiful she has amazing curves,this dress was made for a shape like hers, Mrs.Beckham maybe thinner but that dosen’t mean better.We weren’t made from a cookie cutter people. looking just different i think people like those of u bashing kim are the reason why so many young girls are killing them selves trying to look like these stick thin celebrates.Bravo kim

  • Well, as a guy, I think that dress makes Kim look terrible. I usually love her look and her curvy, voluptuous body. But the pattern here makes her look — as others have mentioned — like she’s about to burst. Posh, otoh, looks fabulous as always. Vertical patterns are going to look a LOT better on someone like Posh than on someone like Kim.

  • kim is not fat in that dress! you can see her big tits little waist and phat ass

  • kim is too fat, victoria is too thin. kim’s face is beautiful and lush; victoria has nice hair and eyes, is too thin faced and drawn looking. the dress is dreadful on anybody. both should have chosen something else to wear, in colors that enhance their complexions and flatter their figure types. Victoria needs to put on some weight; kim needs to take a lot off. they are both attractive and stylish. victoria can sing; kim has not had success yet in the performing arts. that doesn’t mean with training she has no potential. she was not terribly good as a dancer, but again, with motivation and effort, she might shape up.

  • I have always thought that men that like women that look like a stick, may be deep inside would like a them to be a man (to each its own, live and let live). After all who designs most women dresses? Definitely not women. I love women that look like women and are not afraid to show it.

  • Not everyone wants to be thin/ fat. Sometimes they are just born that way. Thin people have problems too, nobody wants to be stick thin. Some people just cant gain enough weight, and many of the more curvier women only thinks that losing weight difficult, but trust me gaining weight when you have effing high metabolism is even harder than losing weight. So stop labeling people fat/thin.

  • Bigger girls all over the world love sticking up for “curves.” Please, unless you look like Kim (who’s waist looks like its about 26 inches) you’re not “curvy.” You’re overweight. It’s like the attractive connotations of the word curvy is finally giving big girls a chance to rip apart skinny girls to make themselves feel better. A lot of girls who are skinny are born that way and don’t do anything to maintain it anymore than big girls do. The standard of beauty is messed up, there’s no reason that a skinny girl should be considered more beautiful than a heavier one, but calling them skeletor and malnourished is just as immature. Women should be celebrated for whatever they naturally look like, and saying “real women have curves” is just offensive. I’m a real woman and I was born to be a size 0. I’ve never dieted or done anything to maintain it, it’s just the way it is.

  • Some of you people sound crazy…They both look really good. Quit bashing Kim, she is not fat. Quit bashing Victoria she isn’t anorexic. If you weren’t born a size 0 shut up trying to make skinny people feel bad. Skinny girl shut up calling regular sized woman fat.. geez.

    (I’m a size 00 and have been made fun of by bigger woman my entire life. So save it.)

  • posh spice is not attractive at all. shes a skeleton for god sakes. kim has a good full body that she takes care of. she looks much better in the dress. regardless of what you weirdos say, kim pulls it of a ton better

  • kim k look superb,got all the curves a woman should have and growing beautiful day by day

  • how the heck does that dress make kim look fat. at least she fills it out.

  • Who has the eating disorder girls??? Let’s be real. Kim is not fat…If you think she is you may need therapy.

  • I’ve always thought Kim Kardashian was ugly and looked like a horse (her face is SO long!!!) But this just proves it. The illusions on the side make her look like she’s going to burst if she eats another gold coated snickers that she bought with the money from her crappy reality shows. Posh looka lovely though. On her you can actually see the illusion and that’s what makes it nice.

  • Kim looks way better, Victoria looks like she just needs maybe 2 or 3 sizes Smaller in this dress for it to look right on her

  • Kim looks way better in this dress, It hugs her body just right, she has the right physique for it. But not 2 sound like I’m bashing her, Victoria looks like she needs a size or two smaller, for the dress to look a lot better on her. I understand some women are born very skinny naturally and others more curvy, However, u should always make sure the dress or clothing item you’re going to wear fits you perfectly before wearing it in public. And to people calling Kim fat Shut up and to the people calling Victoria too skinny Shut Up to you too! They’re both fine, beautiful, and healthy women with 2 completely different builds!!

  • Honestly, the design and pattern on the dress makes Victoria look thinner and longer than she already is and on Kim it makes her seem curvier than she is, and over accentuates her body. Looks bad on both

  • I wouldn’t call Kim fat but like others have said I don’t think the dress is flattering on her at all. It’s not much better on Becks but it’s not flattering on curves. My weight has fluctuated over the years and one thing I learned is that you have to look at what works for your bodytype and I don’t think this dress works. Horizontal stripes are rarely a good thing to begin with but the pattern just seems to make everything look even wider. But specifically to Kim I think it makes her appear disproportionately curvy (super pear shaped).

  • i don’t like the dress at all but it looks better on Victoria, kim looks like shes trying too hard.

  • yeah okay that is just an UGLY DRESS. It’s not flattering on Kim, but I definitely like a girl with curves and definition so Kim wins this round. Hey, I love Victoria too, but it’s like comparing a girl wearing a potato sack vs a girl wearing a body stocking. They both are unflattering for each girl.

  • Kim looks like a beautiful woman. Beck looks like a skeleton.

  • Gorgeous curves over “walking skeletons in a dress” any day!

    Kim looks real and alive.
    Victoria looks ready to die of starvation any minute now.

  • Maybe if Kim was a nicer, less egotistical person more people would say her. Her ugly attitude shines through and makes her look less attractive.

  • of course curves are always in but this particular dress isnt good for Kim because she already has curves… this kind of dress creates the illusion of curves which is good for very thin women such as Victoria..Confidence is hot.. so since Victoria is confident with her body and Kim is confident with hers they can look anyday..

  • victoria looks so much better in that dress. it creates the perfect illusion whereas it just makes kim look wider.

  • when i see a grown female that is stick thin and has no curves, i think she looks like a little girl. kim looks womanly and curvy. shes not fat. she has a defined waste, nice legs and doesnt have a moon face that fat ppl have. her arms are well sculpted too. do you know of a fat person that has all those attributes?? i dont.

  • Kim is a fat and victoria needs to gain about 40 lbs! There has to be an inbetween.

  • Kim looks like a woman should. Curvy with a nice flat tummy and long beautiful hair.

  • No Contest.

    Kim looks much better in the dress. I’m sure 90% of straight man prefer her figure.


  • The first time I saw both photos side-to-side, I was blown away with Kim’s look. This is for me the best look of her I’ve ever seen. The dress makes her curves so smooth and sleek like you just wanna run your hands on them. Plus Kim wore it like it should have been worn. It’s a figure-hugging dress and it needs to hug something to get that psychedelic curve effect.

    Victoria just wore the dress for the sake of wearing it. That’s the impression it imparts. I’d go for curvy over thin. Men are more attracted to girls WITH CURVES. That’s a scientific fact.

    If you continue making your body image the center of your lives, you will always feel “fat”. Only God can give that happiness your body will never ever give.

  • I think that it’s unflattering on both of them. It looks too big on Victoria and too small on Kim. Both are “real women” with “real curves”, they’re just different. Unfortunately, one thing they have in common is that the dress is unflattering on both of them.

  • why is it that fat girls say real women have curves? i am 31, i have children, i am an rn, and i am also a real woman. but i’m built like victoria. being a woman isn’t measured by one’s curves. it’s measured by age and chromosomes.

  • Anyone who says Kim is fat has abusive standards for the female body. Look at her waist, and then tell me with a straight face that she’s fat, Christ.

    As a guy, I can confidently say that Kim is way hotter, and I think most straight men will agree with me. Personally, I think Victoria is a bit creepily thin, though I guess some guys somewhere think she’s hot, too.


  • whoever is saying Kim looks fat and Victoria are pathetic losers! how can you say that!!!!!!!!!
    Kim looks beautiful, curvy and healthy! Victoria is a bad role model! HEARD OF A THING CALLED EATING DISORDERS! STUPID PEOPLE!

  • Kim looks a heck of a lot better! I’ve seen Victoria in a more fitted dress before, but compared to Kim, Well, there no comparison!! Curves actually make women sexy!! I think the women who posted negative things a bout Kim have NO Curves or either Fat themselves!!!

  • I said it before, fat doesn’t just settle on a woman’s waist. Kim is fat, she use to look great but that was when she was married to Damon Thomas and admittedly got liposuction to look “perfect” for him.

    Now after a photoshot leak showing her cellulite (from a front view photo by the way…) she says “So what: I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn’t!?”

    In other words curvy = Fat

  • Love Kim’s curve. Victoria is skinny. But got to love all body types. But if I had a choice, i would have Kim’s body! She rocks.

  • OMG victory looks sick but kim represents what a real women looks like.

  • Agree with Kim looks like she’s about to explode. Putting those kind of patterns to those kind of curves is a terribly wrong choice.

  • Both look horrible and have horrible bodies: one is thin, the other fat. The only difference is that Kim has a prettier face which helps her. But honestly, the dress makes Kim look like there’s a bomb exploding slowly from her vajayjay.

  • Victoria looks much much better. She looks thin, elegant and delicate,
    Kim in the other hand looks fat and vulgar.

  • Reading all the comments, i think Kim definitley pulls the dress off better
    the dress was made for curves and her figure fills out the dress in the right way
    On victoria, it looks badly fitted and she doesnt have the hips to compliment the big shoulders on the dress
    Im not even 16, and always feel pressured to lose weight and be thin, and people like Kim make me realise curves are beautiful too, and id rather look like her than weak and malnourished
    Kim actually looks healthy, no offence intended on vic

  • Hi All,

    Ive read allot of the comments and i have to agree with ciara: Not quite ladies. People have unrealistic standards for women. Meaning: Kim is not by any means “fat” she’s curvy. She presents the dress better than Victoria who looks starved.
    I think the problem we have to day is this alone!

  • I think kim looks effortlessly sexy and comfortable in the dress. the dress is made for someone with curves…not to create them on women without them. It looks better long. Though i love victoria and usually everything she wears looks good on her…not this. this dress makes her look extra thin and frail! She should have had it taken in a little at least…then maybe it would have looked better.

  • I love Kim but that kind of dress is not for her.. it makes her look fat whereas here Victoria looks normal.

  • Come on guys, Victoria looks like a starving, unhappy old woman, sooooo not sexy. Kim blows her away, litterally!

  • This dress is NOT meant for someone as curvy as Kim, but it really doesn’t fit Victoria well either. Neither looks good in it.

  • AS a man i think Kim looks alot better. Victoria looks like she has been in the desert for forty days and forty nights.

  • seriously too much comments for such a stupid question.

  • Kim is definetly NOT fat but VB looks better in that dress and that’s coming from a bigger girl.

  • Another guy’s opinion: I think the dress looks better on Kim, it accentuates her voluptuous body giving her that perfect hour glass figure.

  • looks far better on kim. the hair and the curve og God!

  • Not a fan of the dress, but I think both can pull it off.
    It’s a bit disturbing to read some of the comments about both women. There’s nothing wrong with either of them. Kim is not “fat” and Victoria is not “too skinny.” My body type is closer to Victoria’s, and I get so sick of hearing people say that I’m somehow not a “real woman.” I can’t help what Mother Nature gave me. I’m not anorexic, I’m not sick, and I’m just as “real” a woman as anyone else with a double-X chromosome.

  • I think they both look OK, but Kim looks better in this dress. I do think hers is a bit too small for her. Mostly, the dress is kinda ugly.

  • Kim = Free willy Victoria= sick
    both not health… There is possibility have a good body : you need to be thin and go to the gym and practice sports… both Noooo Health ( sorry my english)

  • I don’t like the dress at all. I think it looks alright on Victoria, but I think she is too thin in general. Kim is NOT fat, you clearly have no clue of the difference between fat and curvy. The dress, however, unfortunately does nothing for Kim’s figure, in my opinion.

    I’m not a fan of either of them because I think they are over-used in the spotlight, but I disagree with the perception some people have of what’s fat and what is not.

    It is about health. Kim’s shape is healthier to have than Victoria’s, apart from the fact that Victoria doesn’t really have a shape OR figure, it’s more of a bony frame.

  • I think Kim looks wonderful in the dress victoria looks ill …..

  • Kim Looks great, Victoria looks like a skeleton. I miss Victoria’s Spice Girls days…she has lost WAY too much weight!

  • Kim looks way better, but I like how it’s short on Victoria. Kim is by NO means fat. She just looks bigger next to Victoria, who’s so overly skinny seeing her makes me hungry.

  • kim all the way

  • Kim definately looks better!
    How can people say shes fat?!
    I’d love to have Kims figure
    Victoria just looks ill in comparison.
    I don’t understand how people see people see bodies like Victoria Beckham attractive, she just looks skeletal :/

  • Why are people taking this as a matter of being thin or fat, the question is who wore it better, if i say victoria it doesn’t mean i think the girls should look thin, I think it doesn’t look good on kim, and i’m shore that the inverse would happen in other occasion, something that would look better on kim then on victoria, it’s a matter of fitting, pattern, structure … of the clothing that looks good or not on the person.
    AND, there are girls that don’t need to starve to be thin, they are naturally thin. You feel insulted to be called fat and other offensive names, and so are people who are called boys, skeleton and starved.

  • kim has great curves and a nice figure but this dress makes her look awful. this makes victoria look a little curvy so it kinda looks nice on her.

  • The dress does not make Kim look gross, she is gross!! Remember the dress doesn’t make the woman, the woman makes the dress. I bet if they would have put Victoria in the same pose, it would be beyond obvious that she is much more attractive. I am just not into having sex with cows!! For those of females who have the audacity to speak on behalf of men and mislead by stating that men want a woman with curves like Kim. STFU that is a baseless misinformed assertion. Kim is so repulsive because she walks around acting as if she expects everyone to believe that she is attractive. I would be like you can’t force me to be attracted to you when Kim is exactly what I am not looking for and most definitely do not want, not even on her birthday!!!

  • Kim looks fabulous, magically curvy and womanly! I love Victoria, also, but she looks sickly next to Kim. Probably if I saw her without the comparison, she might look nice

  • I think this article is extremely provocative for starting the obvious arguements. Both clearly have an excellent sense of style, Victoria proves this time and time again.

    In my oppinion, Kim Kardashian is what I consider to be probably the most beautiful woman in the world.

    I realise a lot of people have said this but I do feel it should be said that if Kim is considered a ‘fat cow’ or a ‘sausage about to burst’, it is a worrying ugly society that we live in. Likewise for Victoria. She has a slight frame, but to call her a ‘skeleton on drugs’…

  • You girls are crazy!! Wow! Either you all are ano here or just f****** bitter and wish you had those curves! Look at Vic! She looks like shes about to pass out!! Give her a sandwhich! Im ashamed that all you girls would rather look like a 12 year old boy then a real WOMEN!!! And Kim killed the dress! Looks hottt on her ;).

  • Kim of course I am sorry but Victoria I just don’t consider her a beautiful woman, she is a self proclaimed beauty? Kim she has the hair, the face, the body enough said…. Kim looks better

  • the only reason why half of the people in here is choosing victoria is because they are skinny and meatless likie her. stop hatting on us curvy girls….

  • Victoria looks good in the dress. And Kim looks like she’s about to bust of it.

  • I think Victoria looks better in the dress (it is just way too tight on Kim), though it doesn’t do much for either of them. People need to chill on calling both of them names though. A “real woman?” Bullshit. Boobs do not make a real woman. Character does. People are attracted to different things. I don’t think either of them should be hated on for their body type.

  • Kim LOOKS HOT, Her hips and thighs are sexxxy
    Victoria should really eat more.
    She looks ill.

  • kim has a great body, the dress though makes her look hippier than she is, which all of the jealous women love,lol, because kim has the best body type. no hating to the girl on the left but she looks like an old lady compared to kim because she is too thin, it doesn;t work well past 25 being too thin makes you look older.

  • well, I think there is more jealousy for kim,simply as she has a much better body and more jealousy towards her rare and unattainable body type. the other one looks like a skinny old lady.

    The dress is not flattering for either though, but under it all, most men would like kim’s body, who cares what others think anyone, especially jealous people.

  • kim is not that hippy, the dress exxagerates her hips, anyone who has seen her in a bikini knows she has the better body, victoria looks like alien head old lady, she didn’t look that bad before.

    ladies when you get older getting too think makes you look even older, wrinkly, it’s not a good look past 20.

    Also I am not jealous of anyone, just stating my opinion.
    the rare few men who insult kim have no chance to sleep with her anyway, lol, and are likely less endowed or simply prefer boys.

  • vicky is skinny not bad BUTkim is awsome dis is 4 all the curvy gills there is no need going on pills u look AWSOME.

  • In Europe this Kim would be definitely considered overweight. Pretty amazed by your standards here.. I guess it became trendy to call overweight people curvy..

  • I expected all the hating on Kim as i’m seeing cause a huge fraction of the replies have come from women. No huge surprise!

    Men would drool at the curvey women any day, and the dress just accentuates that for Kim. Though, I like Vicky, I think she doesn’t look too good in this dress as the sight of her in it leaves more to be desired, honestly.

    Kim takes the day, in my opinion (and that of any other men). What’s a woman without the curves!

  • The dress is ugly in general. But with that being said Victoria looks like a 12-year old boy while Kim looks like a grown woman so I guess Kim wins but the dress loses by a mile.

  • Victoria, she’s totally elegant!!

  • I’m a girl, naturally curvy, but sorry to the girls who defending Kim here..this dress looks MUCH BETTER ON VICTORIA simply because she’s much more leaner and slim so the dress create a GREAT ILLUSION on her! That is the MAIN purpose of the dress!

    It looks HORRIBLE ON KIM because she already has more than enough curves to show off, she doesn’t need the dress at all! Plus the dress is way TOO TIGHT ON KIM than on Victoria, which why it’s better on VB than Kim!

    I am NO WAY slim like Victoria, in fact I look way more like Kim in terms of body, but NO WAY VICTORIA IS UNHEALTHY!! I have to laugh at comments that are upset and mad at people calling Kim fat and all, but they are A-ok at calling Victoria horrible names i.e. skinny, skeleton, ill, someone who got Aids etc, etc! You guys are living a very sad life to call her those names! If Victoria is not healthy, then why is she got pregnant FOURTH TIMES and giving birth to FOUR HEALTHY BABIES, not to mention she is continually being healthy herself?? You guys are sick!!

  • kim looks better. but why is everyone calling her fat? she’s far from it. It’s a curvy woman. and vic is beautiful but in that dress curves look better.

  • No doubt the dress was meant for Kim! Victoria looks very unhealthy and coming out of anorexic disease.

  • I think Victoria looks hot for any occasion. Kim looks fat, she is so Big!

  • kim looks better in it. better to look like an hour glass figure than a toothpick

  • Any man that thinks Victoria looks better than Kim is not a man. A woman’s perspective is totally different. Most of you females have a warped idea of what looks good.

  • 100% Victoria Beckham.. i like kim but not in this dress

  • I don’t particularly think the dress looks good on either of them.
    I wish people would stop saying one body type looks better than the other. People have only so much control of what body type they have and saying one looks better than the other just drives people to be unhappy with themselves. Not everyone has hourglass curves or slim figures, but both body types can look good.

  • i can’t believe you all think victoria looks better than kim. victoria looks a hot mess, kim looks gorgeous. and there is a difference between FAT and CURVY…get it straight

  • I love how nowadays – since most people are overweight, the term “fat” has now been replaced by “curvy”. Call it what you want…you still have too many “curvy” cells in your body. Why do you take insult at being called fat – you are only fooling yourself. That being said, they both look terrible in that dress :-\

  • Victoria Beckham has probably lost all her brain cells from not eating and Kim whatsherface looks like a fat baby with makeup

  • Just because Kim has hips doesn’t make her fat…I think she looks great! No matter what the body shape, women should be happy with what they have, learn to work with it, and love themselves!

  • Victoria is too thin and Kim`s got too big arse and hips for the dress. they both look horrible

  • So…. I don’t understand who you are to say Kim is fat and that Victoria is unhealthy. I don’t particularly like the dress but why the hell do we have to choose who is better. I mean congrats to the curvy girls who are comfortable with themselves but that doesn’t mean you can hate on the skinny girls. They are both healthy beautiful women. Why does a skinny girl have to be that way because she doesn’t eat. Look, Im skinny but that’s because I was born with a fast metabolism and I train for my sport five days a week. Does that make me ill? No Im pretty sure that is rather healthy. I don’t think any of you have a right to judge these people.

  • Kim makes a statement in this dress.
    Victoria looks like “just some other dress”.

  • I’m all about celebrating different body shapes, but I gotta say it looks a bit better on Kim.

  • i wouldnt say victoria beckham is ugly, but shes too thin. kim k has a much better beautiful. id kill for her body, she wore it better.

  • Victoria looks better!

  • You all have bought in to the sick idea of what a perfect body looks like, slim, sceleton. SICK! S-I-C-K! You say Kim is fat, and so? What the f*** is wrong with being curvy or fat???????

  • If you have curves you should not wear stripes on horizontal! I would any day say curves instead of a stick figure, but here Victoria looks better here..

  • Kim is not fat! And those idiots who think she is can go jump. This dress is just ugly to begin with. If I had to pick I would say Kim. It’s just swimming on Victoria, plus she always looks like a drowned rat. But having said that it’s way too tight on Kim. I only picked her because she is just so god damn beautiful!

  • Kim looks like a women. Victoria is just a stick figure and that’s not what women are supposed to look like. Kim is doing a great job of sending it out to the world that it’s ok to have curves. I am the same height as Kim but not as curvy as her. I love my curves and i would never like to be like victoria. So i say Victoria just looks like a stick in a dress and Kim you look amazing keep up the good work :)

  • Kim looks better and is a bad picture of victoria, but they are both healthy and beautiful.

  • the dress is horrible!

  • The pattern itself manipulates the eye into looking “outwards” or “sideways” rather. Considering Kim does have an already existing curvacious appeal to her, I must say that the dress itself is better off suited for Victoria..since it does aid in accentuating more of a elongated, fuller look. This has everything to do with complimentary :) (not conceptualizations of who might be categorized as “fat” or “skinny”

  • Ok, seriously? Do I have to be a skeleton to be perfect? I already step on the scale at least 10 times a day (more when I don’t have school) because I think I’m fat and then all of these people are calling Kim fat? Do I have to loose another twenty pounds so that I weigh the same as a stick thin 80 like Victoria? People are right when they say all this shit about how everyone is making all these teenage girls develop disorders about there weight, it’s serious, not a joke. The harshness of our society is why so many kids are pushed over the edge closer and closer to suicide.

    P.s. I personally dislike Kim but she wears that ugly dress WAY better, Victoria looks like the walking dead (too bad now I have to look like her just so I’m not”fat” sigh)

    P.p.s. I’m sharing this with you because your strangers who’s opinion I don’t care about so I decided to share with you some of the thought process of a 14 year olds mind. hope you enjoyed ;) and I also hope this will make you understand where our worlds at because I was being serious.

  • i’m a man and i prefer kim.
    nothing speaks “WOMAN” like those curves.

    i’m not totally surprised to find a torrent of comments from women saying how they both are ugly.

    as if these women stroll around in designer dresses and are sexual symbols themselves. i smell jealousy.

  • To all of you saying Kim is fat, you have ridiculously high standards. You are the reason that thousands of teenage girls absolutly hate the way they look! So many of these girls turn to anerexia or bulimia. Since when does someones size have anything to do with thier worth as a person? In the words of the famous J.K. Rowling; “Is ‘fat’ really the worst thing a human being can be? Is ‘fat’ worse than ‘vindictive’, ‘jealous’, ‘shallow’, ‘vain’, ‘boring’ or ‘cruel’? Not to me.” So before you write someone else off as “unworthy”, maybe you should look in the mirror first. NO ONE IS PERFECT.
    (after all, none of you have been on magazine covers!!!)

  • I would like to see them both in same position.

  • Seriously they both look horrible.

  • The dress is just ugly. However, both women look great in their own way. The design of the dress was meant to accentuate the positive, so Victoria looks to have more curves, where Kim’s curves are made fuller.

  • Kim! she looks ten times better than victoria. I don’t care how much hollywood thinks being bony is sexy or beautiful, becham is proof its not. No man thinks seeing your collar bone stick out and feeling ribcages are sexy.

  • Honestly, the dress is hideous! Both Victoria & Kim have two, different, beautiful figures & anything they wear, basically looks good on them. I’m surprised Kim actually chose to wear something long for once, she always showing off to much of her body. And Victoria normally wears modest clothing. I really think the dress is a bit too tight on Kim, & Victoria needs to wear a smaller size.

  • Honestly, Kim is not fat! People are really starting to confuse actual curves with ‘being fat’ and being fat with being ‘thick’. Kim is a curvy woman and that’s that. She isn’t fat, and there’s many woman with that body type! So, you can’t say there isn’t none. I don’t really like the dress that much, but I honestly think she is beautiful. Victoria is pretty, even though she is really skinny, but she still is very pretty. To me with her frame, the dress is way to loose, she would look much better in something tighter because that makes her look even smaller, because the dress is way to big for her. People really need to open their eyes! When a girl is skinny she’s not anorexic and when she is curvy she’s not fat. People who think that is obviously ignorant, and jealous! Grow up! I’m guessing most of the people who are saying bad things are young naive teenagers, because they both beautiful and neither are fat and that’s that.

  • Kim is no way that big … I see her on her show all the time that is totally edited .

  • It looks like Victoria is wearing something out of the Jetsons. Alien spacesuit much? Kim’s curves don’t need anymore accentuating though I think she looks the best in it of the two.

  • i think it looks better on victoria. kim looks really fat with that dress. maybe she really is.

  • I would prefere Kim, Victoria seems an hat stand bleah!

  • why do you people love victoria?!? she’s ugly and a walking skeleton! are these our values of beauty now?! Kim definitely looks better, even though the dress makes a bit too voluptous.

  • im a transgender and i wanna be like kim’s body. cos its what guys like.a lot of thin girls wanna have their curves and a lot of fat girls wanna have their curves and VB are both beautiful! its just a matter of preference.for those who says that the dress is better for BV does that means that you wanna get that thin too (grotesque) and not a curvy one? cmon! all girls wanna be noticed by guys especially be noticed by the guys who they like! so fit in the right dress youre gonna get curves girls :)

  • I DONT like it on either one Kim is too big and victoria is too skinny i dont know why people even think kim has a nice body! she isnt even in shape she has mad cellulite all over her body

  • woman = curves

  • Reading through everyone’s posts, I find it interesting what people find attractive. Back in the 50′s, if you looked like Victoria Beckham, you would have looked sickly. Back then, Curvy women were considered attractive. Curvy was “in” back then. Doubtless, if we were were all alive and young back then, we would have been following that same trend. And we still follow trends, today.And the current trend can be seen in major fashion magazines which uplift bodies like Victoria Beckham’s. Are you a follower? Do you agree with mainstream fashion, which praises the body, race, and face of only ONE kind of woman on their monthly covers? And do you set you own standards of beauty?

  • Stop hating on Kim she looks great and honestly guys like girls with curves not anorexics.

  • kim looks way better shes not fat shes healthy i think victoria needs to eat a steak

  • I personally don’t like the dress on either lady. However the dress on Kim reminds me of a slinky toy I played with as a kid. Not every guy goes for curvy women. I prefer toned and athletic, like my wife, and so do all my friends.

  • You b****** wish you looked half as good as Kim. You spend thousands towards implants and sucking fat out your saggy flabby bellies. This woman was naturally gifted. Ridiculous to be calling her fat. She is healthy, sexy, and your man would leave your ass for a second for her.

  • Seriously? How many of you said Kim looked fat?
    You’re so easily influenced by what MEN think we should look like that so many of of us have internalized it and now we SHAME EACH OTHER over looking like we are SUPPOSED to.
    We are NOT supposed to be super skinny and skeletal like. We have BREASTS! We have HIPS! We need these things to function- especially if we want to have children.
    When you call her fat you do nothing but damage yourselves. KNOCK IT OF!

  • The dress is horrible, no matter who wears it. Whether is someone with a virtually perfect body like Kim, or someone with a not so desirable body like Victoria.


  • I agree with many: this dress is HORRID. Never mind who’s wearing it!
    Can’t we stop critiquing women’s bodies and just have a look at what they’re wearing 1st?

  • Kim looks great – BUT HORRID COLOUR!!! A royal blue would have her smouldering hot, but that black & white crappy pattern just plain sucks. As for Victoria- go eat a hamburger!

  • Kim looks TOOO FAT… SHE need to LOSE a lot of WEIGHTS before she die of heart attack!!!!!!!

  • Unbelievable. These posts are just plain mean.

    I understand curvier women supporting Kim, makes sense more like them and thinner women supporting Victoria for the same reasons. Seriously, there’s no need to hate on anybody.

    Most of us women cannot help our body-types, save dieting or plastic surgery. Women with large breasts, butts, and hips are the “classic woman” well, what about those that are naturally thin? Just because they happen to have been born with small breasts, hips and butts they are less womanly? Seriously ladies. Stop being so mean to one another. I know these posts are anonymous, but would any of you make these comments to someone’s face? I think we all have a really hard time trying to love what we were born with. Media mixes messages for us on a daily basis. Thin women are made to feel less feminine because they lack “womanly curves”–I guarantee–they already feel bad about his. Curvy women are made to feel like fashion is only for the thin–runway models are notorious waifs–so they too feel the need to starve themselves to look more like models (less than 5% of our population) Lets try loving on each other instead of bashing the opposite of whatever body type that we have to make ourselves feel better.
    Women are women because they have breasts (small or large) and a vagina to make babies. Ladies in a world where we are pitted against one another–lets not buy into this crap and support each other.

    In regards to the fashion of the dress I think each wore it for their own reasons: Victoria so it would give an illusion of more curves (what so many are meanly criticizing her for not having–for gods sake–the dress is an attempt to look more like someone like Kim); Kim is proud of her curves, I can’t speak to whether or not they’re all real, but she wore the dress to show off what she considers her best assets.

    So what?!? Do any of you feel better about yourself after reading all this? Do you feel vindicated by those who have bashed on your opposite body type? Do you feel validated by the men and women who have praised your body type?

    This world is hard enough. We don’t need to add to the madness by berating anyone.

  • are you kidding me ? most of you women probably dont have a man, most of the men dont wont a stick !
    forget the dress…….Kim is awesome and feel sorry for those out there that dont know what a man wants !!!


  • Look very cool, Kim is Star.

  • ppl who are saying kim looks fat are obviously stupid and blind how could you possibly say she looks fat she is a real women with real curves she is healthy and beautiful and thats what a men want not stick thin skinny no figure bodys like victoria im suprised she has a husband she is no role model

  • victoria looks ugly. kim looks pretty

  • I find Victoria, wore it the best. Kim looks uncomfortable in the dress

  • How could anyone say that Kim looks fat has no one got eyes. She looks fabulous she’s got a lovely figure. Good on her i say! She will have a healthier life in the long run which is the most important thing, people forget that.

  • I agree with Sarrs. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and all body shapes should be celebrated not mocked! shame on you negatives :(

  • I think both of them (Kim and Victoria) look great, in their own element. Both have chosen to wear the dress in a way that highlights their best assets according to their own body and personal sense of style!

    The only comment I find not repulsive and extremely honest is Sarrs:
    “Unbelievable. These posts are just plain mean.

    I understand curvier women supporting Kim, makes sense more like them and thinner women supporting Victoria for the same reasons. Seriously, there’s no need to hate on anybody.

    Most of us women cannot help our body-types, save dieting or plastic surgery. Women with large breasts, butts, and hips are the “classic woman” well, what about those that are naturally thin? Just because they happen to have been born with small breasts, hips and butts they are less womanly? Seriously ladies. Stop being so mean to one another. I know these posts are anonymous, but would any of you make these comments to someone’s face? I think we all have a really hard time trying to love what we were born with. Media mixes messages for us on a daily basis. Thin women are made to feel less feminine because they lack “womanly curves”–I guarantee–they already feel bad about his. Curvy women are made to feel like fashion is only for the thin–runway models are notorious waifs–so they too feel the need to starve themselves to look more like models (less than 5% of our population) Lets try loving on each other instead of bashing the opposite of whatever body type that we have to make ourselves feel better.
    Women are women because they have breasts (small or large) and a vagina to make babies. Ladies in a world where we are pitted against one another–lets not buy into this crap and support each other.

    In regards to the fashion of the dress I think each wore it for their own reasons: Victoria so it would give an illusion of more curves (what so many are meanly criticizing her for not having–for gods sake–the dress is an attempt to look more like someone like Kim); Kim is proud of her curves, I can’t speak to whether or not they’re all real, but she wore the dress to show off what she considers her best assets.

    So what?!? Do any of you feel better about yourself after reading all this? Do you feel vindicated by those who have bashed on your opposite body type? Do you feel validated by the men and women who have praised your body type?

    This world is hard enough. We don’t need to add to the madness by berating anyone.”

    I’m a skinny or thin-framed individual and have been all my life. Last year I had made friends with 2 larger or plus-size women and they had their own body issues, just as any woman does. However, they were threatened by me because I was the skinny/supermodel body that they desperately wanted and one day they both were trash-talking about me behind my back, picked me up at a karaoke bar and threw me around like a doll. It was an ultimate form of disrespect and I think everyone should learn from one another! Ignorance only breeds more hatred and misunderstanding!

  • From someone with curves in the right area and loving them sooo much, Victoria steals the crown. she lets the design show its curves if you look at it. Just because you have the curves doesnt mean that your clothing has to be plastered to it. give your clothing breathing room and your curves will still show.

  • What is the point on judging people they both look beautiful.Believe it or not they both have feelings and get hurt by people comments.

  • They’re both a pair of twits, and that’s just one ugly dress.

  • Both women look very attractive in two different ways although I prefer Kim’s voluptuous bod any day. If she walked down the street any man would get whiplash to look at her twice.

  • Kim looks fat? What the f***? First off…she has a FLAT stomach. Secondly, she looks HEALTHY. Her skin is glowing and she looks completely flawless. Victoria looks sickly and dried up, like she skipped too many meals and laid down on the tanning machine too long. Honestly, I understand how everyone wants to look skinny, but KIM IS SKINNY & HEALTHY. I’d take her look over Victoria’s any day. Some people disgust me with their obsessive compulsive ideology of being anorexic thin.

  • I have to say, I think the dress is MEANT for someone to gain curves where there were none. Because of that, I think Victoria wears it much better.

    Kim would have looked stunning with the same dress in a solid color. Her natural(beautiful) curves are over exaggerated and make her look ridiculous.

  • If I have to hear one more woman who’s too f***** lazy to hit the gym or put down the ding-song talk abotu how ‘curvy’ women are supposted to be, I’m gonna vomit, I don’t think women need to be Keira Knightley thin, and I’m not, but I also don’t eat the way I should, I love my sodas, I love my sweets, and I eat them. I prefer fast food, because it’s easy, I can admit that- but I also know that the extra poundage I carry around isn’t HEALTHY, Kim is just a whore- watch the Ray Jay tape, if you disagree, who knows that she looks terrible in a bikini, so she’d better try harder, and wear to much makeup because no one would want to hang out with some rich pompous bimbo if she wasn’t attractive.

  • It’s soooooooo crazy how none of you guys answered the question. They only asked you one thing, who looks better. And some of you guys answered the question and others didn’t. I don’t know how people can talk if they can’t even answere a simple question like this. MY ANSWER IS: KIM.

  • It’s ridiculous how many people stepped up to defend Kim’s heavier and curvier body type by putting down Vic’s slimmer body type. Real women come in all shapes and sizes, so stop this “REAL women have CURVES” bullshit.

  • Kim looks gorgeous and curvy! The dress is perfect on her. Victoria’s dress needs to be tighter.

  • As a man I would like to tell this: It’s a wrong way of making a comparison. Both women are beautiful in this dress, yes, BOTH! And neither Kim is fat nor Victoria is skinny. Victoria did not pose for the photo, while Kim did, therefore Kim looks a bit shinier. The dress on Kim’s body IS too long, bellow the knees it should be cut off. I want to see her legs too. And by the way the dress is of very beautiful design, I love it.

  • Okay,first Victoria is too skinny for my style. Kim Kardashian is the hottest girl alive but in this dress she really looks like she is going to explode. No ofence I like them both.

  • Reading some of these comments is bloody SHOCKING! Kim looks FAT?! really? have you been BRAINWASHED?

    In my opinion Kim pulls this off better than Victoria because curves are hard to get with out looking fat and Victoria looks underweight and as if she can’t deal with her stress. Sexy. calm and confident is the way to go not looking half DEAD.
    Victoria really would look hot with a bit of meat on her.


  • i asked my boyfriend (he’s insanely picky with women) just for a guy’s perspective. He said Kim’s hips are a little too big but Victoria looks like she needs to go to the hospital. Couldn’t agree more! Although I love them both and I feel like most of the angry comments about how Kim’s fat are being made by people who just don’t like her. Coming from someone who had a really major eating disorder, she is not fat. Then again, 2 years ago I would be saying she’s a cow and Victoria looks awesome. Perhaps that offers more insight into some of the comments, too.

  • Give Victoria a burger or something! Kim is not fat people! She is normal and has amazing curves!!

  • that dress is HORRIBLEE! doesn’t work on Victoria, and makes Kim look wider :O that dress should be in the trash!!

  • I’m always on the curvy people’s side but not this time. It makes Kim looks too chubby. So yeah, Victoria! But the dress is hideous anyway!

  • i say kim cuz shes not fat cuz the camera adds ten pounds and she perfectly healthey and curvy and victoia is way toooooooo skinny ewww

  • Has it ever occurred to any of the people on here that there are women who are simply THIN and cannot, no matter what they do, GAIN WEIGHT.
    If I see one more comment telling Victoria to “eat a cheeseburger” I’m going to lose my mind. I’m 5’4″ and I barely weigh 105 pounds. I’m an A cup with a super slim figure and a teeny waist. I CONSTANTLY feel threatened by women more voluptuous than I am, but short of surgery, what the hell can I do? I’m not athletic and I’m far from starving myself. I go on special doctor ordered diets to try to gain weight and it doesn’t work. Is Kim chubby? A little, but who the f*** cares? She has THOUSANDS of guys who would line up in an instant for her. She can pass off her slight body flaws as “curves” but skinny women are just called “anorexic” or “skeletons”.
    Not to be rude, but some people ARE FAT. It happens, I’m sure some of the women defending Kim are perfectly healthy individuals, but I bet a bunch of them are fat a**** who like to pretend they look like Kim when they squeeze into a dress like that.

  • the dress looks great. and both victoria & kim fit it.

  • Kim looks better on her WORST day than Victoria looks on her BEST. That having been said, it’s an unappealing dress, and while I love Kim’s curves, her hips look huge in that picture.

  • NYSSA, shut up. If you were so comfortable with your appearance, you wouldn’t take potshots at others for making comments at a similarly shaped broad…or those who just have the build of actual females. Victoria does need to eat and you…well, blame your mother for being such a poorly shaped female. Don’t make it the issue of every poster on the board.

    KIM has the nicer body but I actually like the dress on Victoria.
    The design flows on here body. I can appreciate it.
    Kim? It’s just overdone and somewhat unflattering in that it screams ‘babymachine’ to everyone in the room.
    Don’t get me wrong – I’d wear it to a club or something. I like attn, too…but there’s a time and place for everything and, I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but a woman doesn’t have to be ‘tarted up’ with everything ‘on display’ 24/7.

    To be honest, I can’t really give Kim too many props on her shape b/c the girl’s had work…. Say what you will, but it does take away from her….*shrug*

  • why all u a******* shut kim looks way better than victoria u guys just doesnt like kim jealous because she is way hotter than YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • okay quit with calling ppl fat skinny ppl..
    thats jst mean..
    i personally dont even like the dress as it is

  • I think victoria looks HORRIBLEE! she is too skinny and kim ……… a bit better than her but for my tastes she too curvy but compared with victoria she looks better

  • victoria looks like an anorexic b**** , kim look too fab

  • You all make me laugh!
    The dress is clearly to small for KK and her curves do not need to be exaggerated.
    The dress VB is wearing is clearly to big and the effect of the pattern falls flat.
    I don’t think there is any woman who looks good in an Alexander McQueen design- his men’s tailored suites are a different story. I don’t care what Vogue says.
    I think the reason Lady GaGa favors him is because his work is conceptual and not meant to be worn by a real person.

  • Both are beautiful women. The dress does not flatter either of them. The above post is correct that the dress is too tight on Kim and too loose on Victoria. We all have different body types, why do we feel the need to tear each other down to validate ourselves? I have curves, I wish I had less at times. I envy the stick thin at times. I have friends with the opposite opinion. They desire curves because they feel they don’t have enough. For the most part I am happy with my body though & I can only hope that others can find that satisfaction themselves.

  • there are better ways to show off your curves,and Kim is not doing a very good job. she looks like she is trying to fit in a dress that is 3 sizes too small for her. and victoria well,she needs to put on weight,but the dress does compliment her.

  • anyone who says victoria is feminine & elegant are women with boyish figures who are in denial with themselves,you cant change the facts that protruding bones are not feminine no matter how many times you say that out loud wake up!.their are plenty of women that have naturally large breasts and curvy its a fact not a exaggeration….haters.has anyone not see victoria in spice girls?shes not naturally thin and she cant complain that david cheated on her so many times

  • the style of the dress doens’t fit Kim!

  • I hate it when people overexamine celebrities because of what young people may come to believe from the media. The truth is simple: people, including women, come in a range of shapes and sizes.
    Little note for both: the shoulders of the dress bug me and the colour scheme means that I don’t think much of it.

  • kikat i totally agree with u and the rest of you who are judging fat and thin smh! shame on you

  • It flatters neither but if I had to pick, it looks better on Victoria, it looks like Kim’s dress will rip.

  • Most people seem to think that a thin woman has a problem…some of us seem to forget that some women are naturally thin and not all women spend the lives on an endless diet. Kim looks like the dress is painted on her…which is a little trashy. Victoria looks better than Kim in that there are more young women looking like her than Kim.

    It isn’t up to any person to say what we are “suppose to look like” or what size are seems like most of these comments about female body size are meant to make heavy women feel good about themselves and make the thin ones feel bad; like there is something wrong with her. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being naturally thin…and in case some people are unaware of this, heavy women can have eating disorder as well as many other health issues. We should strive to be our healthiest at any size (health risk can occur at any size) instead of making women and girls feel bad about their appearances…Not every woman go through through life leaping from one diet to another, nor is it accurate to assume that all thin women most be starving herself. It is true that most people want to look good in a swimsuit, but some are fine at any size. Our biggest critics are ourselves which is why we need to seek to meet only the expectations we have for ourselves and being healthy…the expectation we have for ourselves will always be the most difficult, if not impossible to meet. With this to consider, should we ready waste our precious time worrying about meeting the expectation of others when it comes to our appearances?

  • Curves win everytime for me you want something to hold onto.Plus a couple of other things always help.
    great post you know how to get people talkin.

  • KIM….I LOVE “U …
    KIM Fantastic Curves…looks like a Beautiful QUEEN….!!!!

  • You people have serious problems, Victoria is sick she’s not stylish…

  • Its obvious to a blind man as it was to MM from the begining of this article that KIM looks bext. Im not going to down Victoria as she didnt ask to be compared to the queen of curves but im sure even vicky would argue with the fact that KIM looks best and there no contest. The women on this site who and trying to convince themselves that she doesnt are the ones who know they are unatractive could never look ANYWHERE s good as Kim because they dont have the curves to pull it off period.

  • I think two many of you women hate kim.. for what i don’t know. Ms. V looks unhealthy and kim look sexy and healthy.. there are 70million women that look like kim. and the other half is over weight.. Ms.V has a unhealthy look. this is why so mean of us are dieing to look thin. look.. i love kim.. BUTT in all. So you un-shape women.. and your so skinny you can fit in a cherrio! put on some weight and stop the hate!! and half of you are just hating on Kim!! because she is pretty than you she has more money than you. And yes her life is not all that great.. How is yours!! So stop hating on yourself.. because you are a women…. that has your upps and downs!! too.. so eat workout.. look sexy and healthy!

  • I love the length of the dress on Kim but it just doesn’t work for her body type. The dress on Victoria is to large and it just doesn’t work for her. The dress is gorge but doesn’t work on either of them

  • to all the folks sayin kim looks fat. Yall must find 12 year old children a flat ass and no sign off breat attractive…sick…thats what a damn grown woman supposed to look like yall are really dumb!

  • KIM !!!!!!!!! I LOVE : )))

  • Kim Looks SEXY and a GODDESS in this dress, that body is to die for!!!!! For my dearest Victoria Noooo, this dress was definately not made for her body…. She is just to slim for this dress. I really dont understand why someone can slim herself to such a degree. Look at her Neck!!I really dont find her attractive in this dress!! Go Kimmie!!!

  • Please girls, most guys prefer curvy women! Kim looks very attractive, Victoria (by far the nicer person..but a different topic) looks ill and needing a slap-up meal. Skinny women for the catwalk but curvy feminine women for a girlfiend, a marriage and a relationship.

  • Zebo (Male): I love The way Kim looks in that dress, it makes her look so sexy. I have had ladies who were BUILT like that,they all have a child by me. Victoria?? To my taste is TOO thin for my taste,she looks starved and boney…not likely to take much (pressure) sex. LOVE THEM CURVES KIM!!!!

  • As utterly annoying as Kim Kardashian is, she looks way better in this dress than Victoria does.

  • I’m sick of Kim K but she looks better than Victoria, though that dress flatters neither woman.

  • it’s not the body it’s the ugly dress ;D

  • Sorry, Victoria looks like SKELETOR. There is NOTHING attractive about bones!!! While Kim may look heavier with this design, i would take her figure 100xs over Victoria!!

  • They are both beautiful, all shapes and sizes are. But it looks unflattering on Kim, the dress was made to appear curvy, not to make your curves look wild. Victoria has a small frame and this dress was perfect for her because it gave her curves…but Kim already haves curves and should’ve worn something that was fit for it.

  • I can’t believe anyone can sit here and call kim fat!! she is what women are SUPPOSE to look like, curves are sexy and real! that stick thin unhealthy lifestyle is not cool… KIM LOOKS BETTER.

  • Victoria needs to add a few pounds but she does look good in that dress. Kim K. has too many attributes to wear such a form fitting dress. Of the 2 Victoria looks better but Lord, can’t she eat something and gain some weight!

  • As a Occupational Therapist dealing with eating disorders and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive disorder the basis of slimming diseases)I can’t believe that with all these comments it has not been mentioned that medical/mental health professionals UK community are in widespread agreement that POSH has an acute/chronic case of OCD + BULIMIA which with she is COMPLETELY IN DENIAL over + never sought treatment/therapy for with here shallow showbiz life and mostly fake people around her. To those of U defending POSH U R stupid + ignorant to defend such a VICTIM of ABNORMAL, + RISKY BAD Health – its clear in many of her photos how ill she is and her body suffers a chronic lack of nutrients!

  • i think they both look bad, kim looks CURVY, and Victoria looks as said earlier STARVED, if i had to pic a Favourite it woukd be Kim, cause victoria is just too skinny!!

  • Victoria looks a little sickly. Kim looks fabulous!

  • Victoria 100%

  • Viva KIM love her curves!!!

  • Anyone of you that said Victoria looks good is insane and have clearly been brainwashed by commercialism. Congratulations of being dumb enough to buy into skeleton thin is attractive. I feel sorry for you all. Kim is annoying and I can’t stand her but she has a KILLER body and I would kill to have it.

  • both of them look like shit… Here’s your 110th trophy for looking like shit for 15 years in a row!


  • The lines of the dress gives Kim the upper edge as it accents her shapely figure. She looks great. I am a big fan of Victoria Beckham and her amazingly ‘clean lines’ as a Designer and fashionista; however, I don’t think the lines of this dress flatters her (usually) impeccable taste. Victoria is slim and the lines ‘over- silhouette’ this fact , rather than complement it.