Child Models Don’t Belong In Fashion

Modeling/fashion world is a harsh over sexualized environment that is not suited for children or teens. It's not high morals, it's common sense. When child models are getting exposed to the same realities as the adult models it's just obvious that that is wrong. Somehow we get to see younger and younger child models nowadays acting all grown up and it's disturbing.

Child Models Don't Belong In Fashion

Okay, it’s an issue everyone’s talking about right now but it’s just too much to ignore. The photos of a ten-year-old child model Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau that appeared in Vogue have caused an outrage among parents and public. A girl is wearing lipstick, lurex dress and heels while lying in a pose any model  who’s grown over her teens would strike for such a shoot. There is plenty to rage about, only why rage now? And who’s to blame?

First of all why let it all come to that? Let’s be honest this is not the first time a fashion magazine or house has hired an underage model to walk the runway or pose for a photo in adult clothes assuming adult attitude. Somehow it never caused enough stir to stop the whole thing. But there are boundaries. This girl is just ten years old.

With the child beauty pageants still much on the rise it’s no wonder a fashion industry would use little children to sell stuff even if the campaign was received highly negative. It did draw lot of attention, didn’t it? But is Vogue alone to blame? Someone allowed it. If you see a ten-year-old working someplace other than the entertainment and fashion industry the employer would be seen as a law violator. Somehow children are all over fashion and entertainment now. Child pop stars, fashion icons, beauty pageant contestants, and models are very much popular. The topic of over sexualization of children has been debated and talked over and over but what it all lead to? This.

“Children must stay children”, phrase that has been said so many times no one really pays attention anymore. Still modeling and singing/performing is child labour so the only option there is is to ban it all together with those beauty pageants (to avoid crazy parents giving their eight-year-old daughters Botox!).

And if you have have noticed the tendency in the fashion world, young models are usually girls still in their teen years, full of naive dreams facing harsh realities that they are not prepared to. Fashion industry is harsh even for 20-something models. When people are raging about teens getting exposed to too much sex it’s not a mere patronizing of adoring parents. Children are supposed to learn about the world and life from their parents and school not TV or fashion magazines. They will face real life later when they are more mature and prepared.

What is wrong with the fashion industry? Edit: While common glossy magazine readers are ranting and whining about how there are no real women featured in them the magazines are seeking out the models that look nothing like real, ordinary women. Where is the logic? On the other side, there are parents who let their offsprings be exposed to highly sexualized industries. It’s just too obvious that child models don’t belong in fashion. Boundaries exist for a reason.

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  • Children definitely DO NOT belong in fashion. The picture of the model above is just plain sad. She’s a little girl who should be out playing with friends her age know actually having a childhood. Shame on her parents for allowing her childhood to be stolen.

  • For pedophiles only. Despicable.

  • yeh seein that girl at such a young age is creepy, models get men preeing and lusting over them-it s in there job. having a kid drooled over is NOT beautiful and something you want to aim your looks at.

  • When I first saw this pic, I was horrified, because I wasn’t sure if it was a boy or a girl. And, that to me is creepy! Children should NOT be viewed or depicted as sexual beings.

  • It is another instance of the mother treating her daughter like a life-sized doll. It’s rather disheartning what some parents let/put their children (go) through.

  • Disturbing photo, i cant imagine any parent allowing this

  • For one thing, as a normal person, I look at that photograph and I see a little girl dressed in her moms clothes. It’s a lot nicer than I could have managed but otherwise no different. I’m sorry but how is what this little girl is doing any different than what any child actress or actor is doing?

  • A little girl playing dress up would not probably be in her mothers best dress (fitted), with her hair and makeup professionally done. She would have eye make up and lipstick smeared across her face, a sloppy pony tail at best. And would not be leering at the camera with a come hither look in her eye meant for Justin Bieber. This is sexy and manipulative.

  • Who here remembers the ‘Jon Benet Ramsey’ scandal? How much is it gonna take before another scandal brings this issue forcefully to light and this ‘industry’ is legislated out of existance like it should be. Got so one could not look at a tabloid in the supermarket without seeing that darn kid when ya really wanted to see the pic of the nun who got a arm transplant from a truckdriver and now wants to drink beer and watch wrestling and football…or the 600 pound woman who crushed her 120 pound husband on their wedding night. The kid in the ill fitting shoes does NOT belong there….should be playing hopscotchor playin with her ‘barbie dolls’ and not tryin to BE a doll. As for some of the writers who ‘cannot believe it’, are ‘horrified’, gonna ‘faint’ or whatever: Just don’t look cuz when you do you make money for those that want to sell the pics to you, pics that often would get many folks a hunnert years in the slammer. They punish dirty picture holders harder than murderers. But then some of those who are neurotic about this are like the Shakespeare quote: “The lady protesteth too much!”….like some of those women themselves have done some of this over pushing of THEIR daughters so they could live another life through their daughters.

  • I agree that the fashion industry should not exploit children, but why are androgyny and metro sexuality mentioned in a negative light in this article?

  • this is why the world will end

  • I don’t see anything wrong with it. Her pose isn’t suggestive whatsoever, so I don’t see what the big deal is.

  • Ok, I agree with the main point, but like the above poster said, WHY are androgyny and metrosexuality listed along side a disorder like anorexia, as some supposedly evil things? There is nothing wrong with androgyny, and metrosexuality is more about style than anything.

  • What about Brooke Shields,her drunken mother Teri had her fully heavily made up and posed nude in seductive poses age only age 10! And she was in other sexy fully made up ads and on magazine covers at 12 and 13 etc and she played a 12 year old prostitute in Pretty Baby.

  • Yes,we definitely really need more androgyny in this very sexist gender divided gender stereotyped society,just not sexualized in children!

  • I honestly don’t think this picture is sexually arousing at all. Matter of fact i actually think this is a really well composed picture. And she can “smize” better than those chicks on Americna’s Next Top Model, LOL!

    I think child model is ok as long as it isn’t too exposed. The picture above seems to be fine. It’s a form of art too, but really it’s how most people see it.

    There are just too many pedophiles out there, we don’t want to expose our children at all.

  • She looks like an adult, I genuinely thought she 20, ten years older! That isn’t right I can understand child models but they shouldn’t be dressed or made up like this. Model for Gap or some other brand of kids clothing.

  • The difference between this and what child actors do is that child actors are still expected to act as children, not adults and certainly not as sexual adults. (The fact that Teri Shields let Brooke Shields behave otherwise is a testament to her bad judgment and not an endorsement for this kind of parenting.)

    You can be sexy without exposing extra skin and I think it’s the intent of this photograph to do just that. But whether the artist was intending that or trying to make some nebulous “edgy” statement is immaterial. There’s too much at stake for the child here to make it worth the picture’s paltry artistic value.

    Vogue,you suck.

  • I’m a bit torn here… If this was out of context, and simply a picture of a girl dressed up like that in an elegant setting, I wouldn’t see a problem.

    Unfortunately in my opinion, the context is that children are becoming younger and younger. Meaning that before, a 15 year old could still play with action figures or dolls, without it being seen as childish, cause at that time, 15 WAS child. Now, the age (at least in my country) has been moved down to 10. Already at 10-11, girls wear heavy make-up, exposing clothes with clevage, drink and smoke. There’s already this fake pressure going on among the kids, that they have to look/act as adult as possible, as soon as possible.

    So in that context, this picture is fuel to the fire. Therefore… I hate it.

  • I feel as though this is a fantastic example of making a mountain out of a mole hill. This isn’t an issue; it’s being made an issue when it shouldn’t even be given the attention.

  • i dont see anything that could cause the sexually affensive activity gooing on anywhere. why is everyone so on the fact that a child has many beauty’s and this is one of them i highly think that its a amazing fact that a child can accomplish this not never many elder females can accomplish this look in style .

  • f***kd the parents fame hunger whores selling their children for fame shame on her parents shame shame shame I mean she’s not even teenager she’s just 10 yrs old

  • Oh please. Does anyone Remember when Brooke Shields had a photo shoot, completely naked at the age of 10. And her mother was all happy about it. Sorry guys, this subject aint so old and shocking.

  • I don’t give a damn if she’s a child or not. The so-called “fashion” industry needs to vanish. Why should women and girls be forced to feel bad about themselves just because they don’t look like some stupid magazine said they should? Everyone should just be able to buy clothing that suits them, instead of being pressured into being as naked as possible with as much make up as possible. Why can’t we just go back to the times when children were children and adults were adults? Honestly!

  • “Oh please. Does anyone Remember when Brooke Shields had a photo shoot, completely naked at the age of 10. And her mother was all happy about it. Sorry guys, this subject aint so old and shocking.”

    Google “mind control Brooke Shields” and ull see how imbecile u are…

  • “I don’t see anything wrong with it. Her pose isn’t suggestive whatsoever, so I don’t see what the big deal is.”

    Ure totally brainwashed. Ud let ur daughter pose like that in order for the whole world to see? Ure a criminal then…

  • The most shocking thing about this photo shouldn’t been the pose or the child. It is the heading : CADEAUX. Meaning, gift or present in French. If anyone doubts the intent of this photo, wake up and smell the child exploitation a la brooke shields in her role as child prostitute in pretty baby.


  • The fashion industry wants skinnier and more petite models and the only place now is the crib. That innocent look doesn’t have to be posed now, cause kids are the epitome of innocence, it comes natural to them, just keep those lurid, perverted, boys away from them. Modeling is tough enough w/o every swing d*** trying to get u out of ur panties. Ergo, that’s where that innocent look is lost. Then it’s the look of u’ve been around the block. not good for models to have to fake innocence

  • I think it’s wrong to expose children to such at an early age, has anyone ever thought about the psychological impact on the child? Besides those paints are chemicals that shouldn’t be used on the skin of a child

  • That is just disgusting!

  • I don’t see anything wrong with this. She is a gorgeous 10 year old. Just because she is a child model dosen’t mean she is being exploited..Come on guys, lighting up! I’m sure that some moms and dads, given the opportunity would love to see their daughters or sons get a huge modeling or acting contract. As long as her parents keep her grounded, under constant supervision. There is no problem with this. Stop the hypocracy..folks. Lighten up

  • I honestly don’t see a problem with child modeling. Some models have wanted to be a model since they were 10. I think that people are making this worse than it is. Maybe the heels went too far but i think she looks elegant. When i saw the picture i didn’t think sexy but “fierce”. She looks amazing and how do we know she’s not enjoying her life. Instead of playing outside she could have been taking pictures. It’s possible for her to still enjoy her childhood. Now when it comes to the parents forcing their children to be models, thats another story.

  • yes, i guess it is further than disgraced for any parent to let a child pose something in vey fast adult enviroment. i knew broke shilds did pretty baby when i first saw the movie poster of it,yes, shame on her mother,r.i.p. but i know for experience i was raped by black drug addicts when i was three and that happen in real life consistency. well, lets get the facts so straight, you can get molested the same way in the home as you did on the modeling feild. of course, pedos has been sniffing on underage girls and boys for years and years. let get it straight-dogs and sad cats are everywhere. who is going to chesre a sad kitten when a dog rips their innocence? that is why i must becareful with our minds., it all begins with the mind. either we watch out or get kicked out!

  • thanks for opening this piece regardless. if anyone must learned from brooke shilds,kristy mcnichol or any model started very young, this generation should liosten to the sour,horror and the decceit of the modeling bid. like i say, we must stop using our head with junk that we should get real heapping stupid to damage a childs life. thank you.