Christian Louboutin Reserves Red Sole Trademark

Christian Louboutin Reserves Red Sole Trademark

The legal dispute between Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent is finally over reserving the red sole trademark for Christian Louboutin shoes that have become designer’s signature. The dispute started when Yves Saint Laurent has created monochromatic shoes that were entirely red including the soles. The initial ruling was that the shoes by Yves Saint Laurent haven’t infringed trademark rights.

Now the court ruled that Yves Saint Laurent can continue selling their monochromatic shoes as long as the whole shoe is red, while Christian Louboutin has been granted the right to protect his signature red soles as a trademark.

We are extremely pleased and gratified that the Appellate Court found our key arguments to be correct: first that color can and does serve as a trademark in the fashion industry, and that Christian Louboutin’s world famous Red Sole trademark is valid, protectable and enforceable.

Both sides have remained satisfied with the court ruling. The red soles that have been around since 1992 and introduced by Christian Louboutin are now protected as Louboutin trademark.

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