Christina Aguilera Looks Fat

Nobody knows what has happened to Christina Aguilera lately that turned her into that full-figured barely-recognizable woman. But the singer looks unattractive and fat now.

Christina Aguilera at LACMA Resnick Exhibition Pavilion Grand Opening Gala

Just a few months ago, in June, we saw how slim Christina Aguilera was. Now in the end of September she seems to have gained at least a stone and her shape is curvier than ever.

Photographed at the LACMA event in Los Angeles Saturday Christina Aguilera was wearing a nude form-fitting gown. While the dress looked beautiful it didn’t actually flatter the full figure of the 29-year-old.

I have nothing against girls either with voluptuous figures or skinny ones. But Christina always looked perfect, so the recent change doesn’t seem to be great at all.

See Christina Aguilera and other celebrities in evening dresses

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  • About time she put on a few pounds-poor girl looked like she was going to waste away! She has never looked better!

  • That’s ‘unattractive and fat’? I wonder what the poster of this news looks like…

  • You are all grazy!!!!!!!!!!!!She is not fat. She is still a beautifull woman. What is wrong with you people??? OMG!

  • Jeez, what a fatass! *insert eye roll*

    Yeah, she gained some weight, but whose weight doesn’t fluctuate some during their lifetime? It’s ridiculous to expect celebrities to stay exactly the same weight for their entire adult lives.

  • She looks incredibly, absolutely beautiful here. It worries me that some idiot- or anyone for that matter thinks otherwise.

  • I lol’d really hard at “But the singer looks unattractive and fat now.” She’s amazing now, looks so healthy and real, a true example to be followed. Unless of course you’re one of that super duper stupid anorexic girls or coke-addicted models… those are the guys who think Aguilera is “unattractive and fat”.

  • Yeah she gained weight. It’s called motherhood, idiot.

  • I think she look pretty in that dress. I don’t see how a few pounds can be turned out into such a “media” problem.

  • Whoever wrote this is a f***ing idiot. Her body looks fine, look at how small her waist is! I agree that she doesn’t look great in this pic, she’s standing kind of slumped over and looks unhappy. Maybe because she gained 3 pounds and knew idiots were going to say something about it…

  • It’s called a women’s curves….she’s not 17 anymore, she’s almost 30 and that’s what happens when you become a woman, you get alittle fuller-because your NO longer a kid! be real she looks fantastic!!!!

  • barely-recognizable woman. But the singer looks unattractive and fat now. ??? really she looks beautiful hating as media

  • I think her body looks great! I think her makeup is very overwhelming.. but other than that she looks great… She needs to balance it out.. she’s got these gorgeous, dramatic red lips, and pairs it wish dramatic eyes, and way too much bronzer.. It makes her look older.. She doesn’t need all that!

  • LOVE the dress, the lips, the hair, the eyes, the curves, but not the skintone….she’s naturaly fair – so keep it that way!

  • what the F**c you are crazy That’s ‘unattractive and fat’? i dont think so i think its just called
    curves and christina looks pretty in that dress okay ! (:. like who are you to say she looks fat
    who hasent gained a little bit of weight
    on before.

  • I wish I looked that good.

  • Hmmm I think there are a few fat girls replying here

  • is that meant to be her ‘fat’ photo?

  • i hate this kind of media, this isnt fat at all, walking by the street i would clearly turn around to look at her. This is how women should look like, curvy…. no wonder there are so many anorexic girls now.

  • Christina Looks so sexy. She is rocking the Marilyn Monroe. Plus size chicks are worth their weight in gold.

  • websites like these turn teenage girls to anorexia!she’s fine,curvy is atractive in my opinion,to each its own though.

  • What the f*ck is this article? The author is a complete idiot.

  • How can you say she looks “fat and unatractive”???
    I am a skinny woman and I can say that I would love to look like her! She looks awsome. I think that you are the one who should go on a words’ diet, I can’t hardly believe there are still people who think like you. Had you knwon anyone or gone though an eating disorder illness i am pretty confident you would have talked otherwise.

  • WTF is wrong with the author of this article. She’s gorgeous. Looks like Marilyn monroe’s body. Hourglass, boobs, hips, so perfect. She was waaaay to skinny before, looked like a 12 year old in her video “dirty” …. she should STAY LIKE THIS.

    I’m so glad the world is starting to embrace curves. People like cristina Hendrix, queen latifa, mariah carey, kim kardassian ARE AWESOME cuz they know how to rock womenly curves, the DONT follow the fashion media and look like a crap bag of bones.

  • She’s hot. This web site is not. It’s fawking rubbish

  • She looks better than when she was skinny.

  • dude, you have a sick sense of beauty standards. She is hardly “fat” enough to be considered chubby. she is curvacious and voluptuous and full figured but certainly not fat. This is not ugly fat at all. It may not be your cup of tea but seriously dude? It is s*** like this on the internet that leads to millions of girls and women to develop self-esteem issues. May be funny to trolololaugh on the webs but there are so many people out there suffering depression, anxiety, and body dysmorphia out there because of s*** like this. Stop contributing to this unrealistic standard of beauty. Admit it.

  • she looks horrible…very bloated ….ms midol…lol

  • I WISH TO LET LADIES KNOW THAT MEN JUST LOVE WOMEN WITH CURVES IN THE RIGHT PLACES . I DO MEAN REAL MEN AND christina has it all beautiful face , hair and an awesome body to boot so you skinny ladies eat your heart out . just to add ….men who like the skinny means they probably have a small weenie.

  • More to love!!!