Christophe Lemaire Wants More Intimate Hermes Shows

Christophe Lemaire, who is now the creative director of Hermes, is planning to organize a more intimate fashion show for his first ever Hermes collection in March in comparison to extravagant Jean Paul Gaultier runway shows. The designer wants his collections to be more suited to everyday life.

Christopher Lemaire

Christophe Lemaire told WWD:

I think that it’s time to go back to a more honest vision of fashion, and that there is room for a simpler, more pared-down wardrobe that is better suited to everyday life.”

He added that his vision of Hermes was closer to rather than Gaultier’s:

I think I will be walking in the footsteps of Margiela more than Gaultier, even if I have a lot of respect for Jean Paul Gaultier and his virtuosity.”

Lemaire, who left his position at Lacoste to join Hermes said he wanted to fully realize his creative potential, which wasn’t possible at his previous job.

He said:

It’s as if the moment had finally arrived for me to show what I’m capable of. For various reasons, I have always lacked either the maturity or the means to develop my own brand, and at Lacoste, I was working under constraints that meant that, even though I think I did a good job, I was never able to unleash my full potential. So I hope to be able to do that at Hermès.”