Kanye West Designs Scarves

Kanye West is going to become more influential in the fashion world. His new venture is designing a range of scarves under collaboration with duo Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag. The future collection is to be inspired by the artwork on Kanye’s latest album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

kanye west designs scarves

Augustyniak and Amzalag are said to have approached Kanye “with the idea to remix the artistic elements into a range of silk scarves, pairing their baroque-style letters with [artist George] Condo’s images, such as a severed head wearing a crown and a naked sphinx straddling a likeness of West.”

The limited collection of Kanye West’s scarves will be available at the Parisian boutique Colette and MMParis.com starting this spring.

Kanye West is not new to fashion. He has worked for GAP, designed clothing, sneakers, watch and other stuff.

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