Katy Perry’s 2012 AMAs Dress Caused Controversy About Chinese Slogan Printed On It

Kate Perry, who loves all kind of attention, got into a scandal again, this time it was her dress that caused great controversy, and it was political controversy with the Chinese Republic.


Katy Perry (Check out Katy Perry’s bio) likes attention, all kind of it. So, probably she wanted as much of it from public as possible when she appeared at the 2012 AMAs in a Vivienne Westwood dress with a few Chinese hieroglyphics. People who can’t speak the language just talked about the design of the dress but others who understood the inscription discussed its meaning that was really controversial.

The problem was that the hieroglyphics actually translated as the Chinese Communist Party’s current favorite slogan. And both Chinese population and other people wondered why Perry opted to wear this dress and whether she knew what the phrase really implied or not.

Lu Se Jing Ji – translated as Green Economy – was printed onto Katy Perry’s beautiful dress sparked huge debate on whether the designer and the singer indeed supported the Chinese government, or were trying to mock them with the phrase.

Neither Westwood nor Perry have commented on the situation so far but people still discuss, and nobody knows what turn the situation can take.

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  • Actually, “Lu Se Jing Ji” is worng, the correct is “Lv Se Jing Ji” :)