Meet Rita Ora – The Model and New Face of Material Girl

Rita Ora for Material Girl Fall 2013 campaign
Rita Ora

What would you feel if a very famous and powerful person acknowledged you in some way? Would you be proud for your achievements or excited and anxious? Whatever your feelings could be, I am sure that first of all you would be happy! So is Rita Ora, who happened to be picked up by Madonna herself as a new face of Material Girl brand. Lucky Ora! I bet it is so much fun to hang out with the pop star and her daughter Lourdes. Too bad I am not so talented, otherwise I would have a chance to try on these funky clothes and pose for some fancy photographer on the streets of London!

Gorgeous Rita Ora As A New Face of Material Girl

Fall 2013 campaign is called “Material Girl Hits London”. Rita Ora, the British singer, rocked London streets in gorgeous outfits that nearly explode with that taste of 80s. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye, and Piccadilly Circus were all featured in the photoshoots. It is hard to tell what looks more fascinating – beautiful landmarks of the Smoke City, incredible articles of Material Girl collection, or stunning Rita. I believe, the whole thing wouldn’t have worked out, had one of the puzzle pieces been missing.

Rita was ecstatic about her new amplua. No wonder, how else could she feel about posing for Madonna’s and Lola’s brand?

To be handpicked by Madonna and her incredibly cool daughter Lola is the largest of all compliments.

This is how the pop icon and her 16-year-old daughter explained their choice:

Rita is a talented beauty, but what really drew us to her is the confidence she oozes through her music and her unique sense of style. On stage or off, in photos or on the street – she’s a magnet! This is what the Material Girl brand is all about!

Rita Ora for Material Girl Fall 2013 campaign
Rita Ora

There is nothing I can argue about – it is actually hard to imagine someone else being so natural and appealing. My favorite look is a superior pair of bright leggins paired with an embellished sleeveless top in mint. Gorgeous black pumps look awfully good and along with a black headband add that glamorous zest to Rita’s outfit. Too bad we can’t see the multicolored bangle well, but we wll survive, won’t we?

Piccadilly Circus was put on the back burner by an astonishing grayish-white mini dress with a cat face print. I would never hit upon the idea of a black leather vest as a good match for such a frock. But, as you can see, it perfectly completes the look, adding a little bit of out favorite grunge. And, once again, here is a black band to emphasize Rita’s blonde waves. Awesome look to party at some fancy place!

Holy Chic! Even if I hadn’t seen that slogan on the charcoal tank top dress, I would have come up with a similar exclamation anyway! This outstanding dress will stress your enticing curves and slim legs. I would wear it with a trendy leather jacket or a denim one. Depending on what look you are willing to create, you can opt for either wedge sneakers or high heel shoes.

Now, in addition to all her awards and achievements in the music field, Rita Ora can claim to be a wonderful model. The job she did for Material Girl Fall 2013 campaign can’t stay unnoticed. She managed to keep up with the brand’s pace and joined a clique of successful and charming spokespeople of Material Girl (Taylor Momsen, Kelly Osbourne, Georgia May Jagger). Who do you think is the best model to be the brand’s face?

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