Oops On The Runway

It happens to every girl sometimes but when you see it on the runway you feel happy deep inside that even supermodels trip on their shoes. At one of the most anticipated fashion shows – Burberry Prorsum Spring/ Summer 2011 - during London Fashion Week one of the beauties fell down right in the middle of the catwalk causing a stir in the audience. Some say that Sarah Jessica Parker even clapped at the moment from her front-row seat. No one can say for sure if she was glad or upset about the accident.

model trip on her shoes during burberry show

It was the closing up minute of Burberry Prorsum fashion show when people were enjoying the view of a studded biker jacket on Nina Porter (who is the Burberry face by the way) when suddenly all the attention turned to the wearer whose knees met the floor in an awkward manner. Her heels, which were called ‘savage’ by a fashion journalist caused the problem. This season Burberry’s shoes are even higher than before, so no wonder models couldn’t walk straight in those.

However, I can’t but mention that Nina Porter isn’t good at walking the runway at all. She looked stooped and obviously uncomfortable strutting her fashion stuff. I’m not actually surprised with what happened.

See the video from the show and Burberry Spring/ Summer 2011 Collection

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