Shoelaces For $19,000, Really???

If you are rich and crazy enough to buy Olsen’s backpack for $39,000 you might be even crazier to go for $19,000 shoelaces made of 24 karat gold. Taken 120 hours to finish these laces are said to be worth every penny. Tell us what you think!


Some pieces are created to be works of art. They cost a fortune and we understand why – they are unique. But sometimes people go too far and make things that are very pricey but are meant to be used daily. And this is ridiculous. Golden shoelaces for $19,000 are definitely ridiculous…

24 carat gold laces took 120 hours to finish and were made using ‘ancient, artisan jewellery techniques’. Considering the huge price and the value of these laces the company provides security-guarded delivery. Besides, only ten pairs of the precious laces will be made.


The man behind the laces Colin Hart told MailOnline how he came up with his unusual idea while working in Quinchia, Colombia:

I walked into a building with a family who were making the most beautiful hand woven bracelets. The thin threads of gold and silver they had manufactured looked like hair.I wondered how long they could weave them, like a shoelace… I got a set made and they look awesome – and to my delight, they worked as well.”

Mr Hart says that his laces are worth the money he asks for them:

The standard of craftsmanship is astounding.”

For those who can’t afford paying $19,000 for golden laces can buy silver versions for $3,000 (but no delivery service is promised).

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