Sustainable Fashion: Gucci Creates Line Of Eco-Friendly Handbags

Gucci Goes For Sustainable Design Again With Line Of Eco Handbags

Gucci Jackie bag

Gucci created eco versions of their Jackie, Tote, and Hobo bags that were made of certified cow leather and come with passports containing the history of cow’s lives. The cows whose leather was used for creating these bags were raised on Brazilian ranches that do not contribute to deforestation. The brand also donates $65,000 to the National Wildlife Federation which works to stop deforestation. It’s not the first product of sustainable design created by the luxury label. Last year Gucci designed a line of biodegradable flats called Sustainable Soles.

Collaborating with Paris fashion week, the National Wildlife Federation, and The Green Carpet Challenge founded by Livia Firth Gucci created the line of eco-conscious accessories because the brand’s directors recognize that the consumers are getting more and more eco-conscious and the brand hopes others in the fashion industry will take on the example.

Gucci Goes For Sustainable Design Again With Line Of Eco Handbags

Gucci Tote bag

Gucci Goes For Sustainable Design Again With Line Of Eco Handbags

Gucci Hobo bag

The three handbags are made in trendy oxblood leather decorated with tassels and featuring weaved elements. The eco versions of iconic bags will surely appeal to fashionistas who love luxury goods but also want to stay eco-conscious in their choice of clothes and accessories.

Gucci isn’t the only brand to turn to sustainable design. Phillip Lim created a collection of organic clothes called Go Green Go in 2009 inspired by the polar bears that live in poor conditions due to environmental changes.

Salvatore Ferragamo launched a Ferragamo World, collection of men’s shoes with a percetage of proceeds going to Acumen Fund, an organization that fights against poverty.

Stella McCartney is known for her eco-conscious efforts. She doesn’t use real leather or fur in her collections. She even designed a shoe line for her Fall 2012 collection featuring biodegradable soles.

The luxury brands sometimes would also create custom vegan/eco-friendly designs for high profile customers to comply with their eco-conscious principles. Which brand would you want to create sustainable fashion?