Teen Vogue Names 50 Best-Dressed Women Of 2010

Of course I understand that teenagers are people who go through a critical stage of their lives and some of their decisions can be doubtful. But naming Alexa Chung the best-dressed woman of 2010 (by Teen Vogue readers) is something I just cannot grasp. I really don’t understand why granny look is considered so good.

Alexa Chung

Taylor Swift, who is usually very feminine and elegant is just on the 8th place while Rihanna is only the 40th on this list. Kristen Stewart has one of the most horrible styles I have ever seen and she is the 7th while Selena Gomez who is such a glamorous girl is on the 28 position.

Read the full list compiled on the basis of Teen Vogue Readers’ votes and tell me what you think about it.

Teen Vogue 50 Best-Dressed Women of 2010:
1. Alexa Chung
2. Emma Roberts
3. Carey Mulligan
4. Kate Bosworth
5. Lea Michelle
6. Camilla Belle
7. Kristen Stewart
8. Taylor Swift
9. Olivia Palermo
10. Rachel Bilson
11. Natalie Portman
12. Victoria Justice
13. Whitney Port
14. Miranda Cosgrove
15. Nicola Peltz
16. Emma Watson
17. Amanda Seyfried
18. Chloe Sevigny
19. Leighton Meester
20. Keira Knightley
21. Freida Pinto
22. Anna Kendrick
23. Blake Lively
24. Shenae Grimes
25. Kelly Osbourne
26. Elle Fanning
27. Emma Stone
28. Selena Gomez
29. Florence Welch
30. Lauren Conrad
31. Dree Hemingway
32. Jessica Szohr
33. America Ferrera
34. Gillia Zinser
35. Katy Perry
36. Agyness Deyn
37. Mila Kunis
38. Nina Dobrev
39. Lily Collins
40. Rihanna
41. Margherita Missoni
42. Vanessa Hudgens
43. Keke Palmer
44. Sarah Hyland
45. Mia Wasikowska
46. Lucy Hale
47. Jessica Stroup
48. Amber Riley
49. Anne Hathaway
50. Sienna Miller

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