Victoria Beckham – Style Icon For Ladies Over 50

Victoria Beckham transformed from a girl who failed to impress the public with her singing in Spice Girls to a world-famous designer whose dresses are worn by biggest names in Hollywood. Now, at the age of 37, she has a profitable business and a happy family. Besides, she can finally enjoy her popularity, this time fully deserved, and be proud of herself. She has recently received the accolade of Best Designer Brand and a couple of days ago a British poll revealed she is a style icon for ladies over 50.


Victoria Beckham has been recognized as a style icon for a long time already but the news she has the same reputation with women over 50 is surprising considering the fact she is only 37 years old herself.

Victoria Beckham (KNOW ALL ABOUT VICTORIA BECKHAM)was included into the list of top 10 style influencers for ladies over 50 along with older women like Helen Mirren (she is one the first place), Twiggy, and Elle Mcpherson.

A spokeswoman for clothing brand CC, who organized the poll (in Britain), commented:

Victoria Beckham has proven she carries universal appeal and her image over the past few years has altered from high glamour to a more classic look which appeals to women of all ages. The results show women in their fifties aren’t afraid to embrace younger styles when they’re done the right way.”

In the top 20 there are such big names as Kylie Minogue, Demi Moore, Kate Moss, and Elizabeth Hurley.

See the list of Top 20 Style Icons for Ladies Over 50:
1. Helen Mirren
2. Twiggy
3. Joanna Lumley
4. Lulu
5. Judi Dench
6. Victoria Beckham
7. Elle Macpherson
8. Carol Vorderman
9. Carole Middleton
10. Nigella Lawson
11. Jane Seymour
12. Kylie Minogue
13. Susan Sarandon
14. Amanda Holden
15. Samantha Cameron
16. Demi Moore
17. Tess Daly
18. Elizabeth Hurley
19. Sarah Ferguson
20. Kate Moss


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