Vogue Celebrated 90th Anniversary!!!

The fashion Bible, Vogue celebrated its 90th anniversary on October, 1 with lots of guests who had close relation to the magazine and the industry as a whole.

Both women and men arrived wearing chic and stylish outfits. Majority of celebrity guests wore masks to mark the celebration. By the way, the Vogue anniversary issue features Lara Stone wearing a lace mask, too.

The party was grand and everyone had a good time, but that’s not what I’m planning to talk about. The clothing is far more important for me, as usual.)))

vodianova bundchen ambrosio vogue celebration

Gisele Bundchen looked fantastic in her strapless black gown with a pretty bow in front. She had lace mask covering half of her face. Beautiful!

Natalia Vodianova also opted for a black dress. Her mask was very sheer but looked great.

Alessandra Ambrosio decided to go bright for the event. Her scarlet dress looked really sexy. However, she wasn’t alone who wore red. Lily Donaldson arrived in a luxurious gown with sheer top.

vodianova bundchen ambrosio vogue celebration

Tyra Banks surprised everyone with her mask that she claimed she had made on her own.

Lara Stone donned a dark green party dress to the Vogue celebration.

Kate Moss looked stylish but her hair was far from perfection. Nothing amazing actually.

Well, I think these are all outfits I wanted to single out. And one more thing:


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