Wednesday Links: Stylists Don’t Want To Work With Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is a difficult case for stylists. She clearly doesn’t understand what ‘glamorous’ means. Her fashion choices are always criticized, and it looks like there is no way out of the situation. Even the best specialists refuse to work with her.


Kristen Stewart is known for her lack of fashion sense. She often appears at glam events wearing chic dresses in a very awkward way. And despite the fact her style has developed though the years it is reported that Kristen is the client stylists don’t want to work with. It seems like celebrity status and popularity isn’t everything you need to be accepted well by the society.

The problem is that although Kristen Stewart tries really hard to look fabulous on the red carpet she prefers to stick to her casual style on the daily basis. Besides, she must be the only star who can change chic heels to sneakers right in the middle of a public event.


There are stylists who name Kristen Stewart a ‘fashion pariah’ referring to her inability to look appropriate wherever she goes. A source commented to U.S. magazine, Star:

She has grubby nails, ratty sneakers and bad attitude. Very few people want to work with her because she doesn’t want to look good.”

My opinion about Kristen Stewart’s style is clear enough – there is no style. T-shirts and jeans are not what put into the term. However, I think calling Kristen ‘fashion pariah’ is too much. She tries to look good and that’s not easy for some people. Why not give her a few more chances?

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  • I’m agree with you … i think she’s kind of woman who can prefer to feel comfortable and simple .. not trying hard to make a fashion sense which she’s not compatible with .. and i much more admire her for that .. i think she just showing who she is, not to pleased anybody.. and i love her for that, we’re almost same …

  • Look I hate dressing up n putting on heels but when I have to I have to to look presentable.I mean I rather wear my t-shirts n flip flops so yeah there isn’t anything wrong wit her she jst rather be comfortable tomboyish I call it hell yeah! U do ur thang kristen u be u.

  • Just because Kristen isn’t phoney like all the other stars she is a real person. Someone who won’t spend 3 hrs infront of the mirror to go to the store. She feels more comfy in sneakers so what the world is so full of shit and phoney people its about time a real person appears.

  • I call bs on some parts of this story. They say she wears her dresses in an ‘awkward’ way. Oh please.. when she dresses up for the red carpet, she rocks the shit out of those dresses.
    And lack of fashion sense? Psh… I think her personal style is amazing. She wears what’s comfortable to her and she owns it so well. She just has so much swag. Stylists these days..

  • I completely agree with ‘So’ and ‘Rayette’. KS doesn’t need to waste money on stylists because she is naturally beautiful, enjoys her own fashion sense – which, funnily enough, IS fashionable (just not in a financially rewarding way to the industry) and unfortunately for lots of the burnt out ex – hollywood babes, KS doesn’t need to try really hard to keep up an image. She already has one and she is sticking to it.

  • This is completely rude!
    She has a different sense of style, that doesn’t mean she isn’t fashionable.
    Seriously, judgmental much?
    This posts’ massage basically says “You have to wear whatever is trendy to look good”. Judgmental.
    She has a different sense-of fashion, and her true fans appreciate it not morons like you.

  • she always looks terrible what else is new!?

  • Hey, look i totally am on Kristen’s side… you know why? she’s a celebrity and she does alot of work, give her no chances. just leave her alone and let here dress how she wants! Don’t change for who she is! That’s just childish of stylists! >:(

  • Just leave her to look terrible, it matches her acting ability.

  • Your photo shows Miss Stewart arriving in a sparkling sequined,column gown by J. Mendel…..with a thigh-high slit…
    at the LA premiere of “Breaking Dawn”,
    She looks unbelievable!…and I know that dress was one of her personal favorites.

    If she looks terrible…then I better go buy a gun and kill myself..I’m beyond Butt-Ugly then.

    Miss Stewart arrived in a sparkling sequined,
    column gown by J. Mendel…..with a thigh-high slit…
    ……………WOW…….what a dress!

  • KS has seen through all the stylist crap and makes her own choices. As a result they are putting the word out that she is “difficult to work with”. Rephrase that stylists and write “difficult to con”. For your info whatever KS wears gets sold out within hours @ H&M and wherever else she chooses to shop. I suggest the stylists begin to design t-shirts and jeans if they hope to make any money out of her. Go con some other froo froo wanabe fakes and leave this real girl and her AWESOME style alone!

  • Keep the jeans and sneakers, dump the lame media.

  • KS hasn’t “rocked the s*%t” out of dressed in the past – she has been awkward. You don’t slouch when wearing high fashion and KS did this regularly – making a great dress not look so great. Having said that, she finally started wearing long gowns to the Breaking Dawn premieres, and stopped slouching. Her legs are really thin and don’t look great in the short dresses she wore in the past, but boy do they showcase well in a long dress, especially the purple one with the thigh high slit. She seems a bit more comfortable in the glam clothes and appears to finally be enjoying it a bit. Also, the article slammed her for changing into sneakers at an event – she doesn’t normally do that. The one time she did, it was because of an injury so give her credit for toughing it out with the heels on the red carpet. KS is also not the only celebrity wearing jeans and a t-shirt when not on the red carpet. For daily errands, it’s a perfectly appropriate thing to wear and no stylist will have a problem working with a celebrity because of that. I could see KS’s slouching, etc. being a problem in the past as it wouldn’t have showcased the stylists work well (they do want to bring in other business after all) but KS is coming into her own and I suspect it won’t be a problem in the future.

  • Kirsten is doing her thing…there is nothing wrong with wanting you own way. So good for her she gets all this publicity…her fans love her anyway.
    They talk about her, like its not human and its all that matters…
    Love you Kirsten! You’re a Vamp!

  • I don’t know about the bad attitude, but KS to me is a natural beauty. She’s one of the few celebs I’ve seen in photos that look good AND neat in jeans and a shirt.

  • ‘Lucy G’ u should just keep your hater opinions to yourself. i’d like to see u act in front of me. phsh.
    and ‘Catca’, I somewhat understand what your’re saying, u have to keep your back straight in pretty dresses, not slouch. (my mom tells me that ALL the time) so i understand. but sometimes it’s not good to point out people’s flaws. she’s not YOU, she’s HER. and she doesn’t seem to give a damn about this, anyway.

  • just coz she dsnt copy lady gagas freak style, kimz glued dressz, and other s**** looking celebz means shes a fashion paraih.. tbh simple makes the person so much accpeted not those fake lashes,fake tans, fake nails
    i really like her style shes not so over and accepted by many she gives the idea that not all girls have to be fake to be some1 known plus having all her money and fame didnt change who she is ..or her style like most celebz we saw..
    am glad thr is still girls with brains in 2011!

  • The stylists probably dread working with her because she’s already so stylish. Sure,some of the dresses she wears aren’t to my taste,but they look aweseome on her! And as for the awkwardness,I think it’s what makes her cool. No one likes an arrogant diva.She’s very talented and she’ll go so far. Keep doing what you’re doing Kristen.Amazing acting and fashion sense.

  • It means she’s a person… *cough*

  • Atleast She Got Swagg and that means that the best style is your own people need to stop criticizing her and just let her be

  • I like to look good but i use my own style just like anyone else! These stylists are dumm a** who are putting feathers in hair!!! They are the ridicuious ones!!! Kristen Stewart rocks because she is just being herself and using her own style which i admire her about!

  • Bella-Chelle,

    The thing is that it’s not my job to look good on the red carpet – it’s Kristen’s. She gets the designer frocks loaned to her so she can advertise them for the designer – in essence, she’s a model when on the red carpet so it’s actually okay to point out job performance flaws. I am not criticizing her physical attributes, that would be inappropriate and just plain mean. Having said all that, to reiterate what I said in my post, she didn’t slouch at the Breaking Dawn premieres and looked fantastic in the floor length gowns with the high slits to show off her legs. She’s coming into her own and I strongly doubt the validity of this story that stylists don’t want to work with her.

  • .kristen stewart is really simple and no sense of fashion,just like what the article says..but, i dis agree..because i know, that in that way she thinks she is well_dressed and that is more important for us, to be comfortable in what we are wearing.she is so pretty and she looks good in whatever dress she wears..that’s why, i admire her for her simplicity!!love you kristen!:)

  • I reckon she is just a young woman with not a big interest in the glam aspect of her career but she will do the dress up gig and make the most of it.
    And she from what I have seen looks refreshingly still like her And not like some plastik actress.
    She will have loyal fans for a long time I believe as us ordinary folk can relate to her far more than the likes of someone like Megan Fox.
    Nothing against Megan mind you but gosh the perfection is boring somewhat…

  • No need for her to wear fancy clothes and make up because she is naturally beautiful. I really like her NATURAL way. =D

  • I like the way she doesn’t care. It shows that she isn’t taking advantage of her famousness, and tries to blend in with some of us who prefer comfort over style. I’m not a huge fan of her, I don’t really like her teeth or mouth..or face, but I’m not hating on the style. People should stop critiquing her and worrying about her and upsessing over her style, and worry about themselves.

  • that’s why we love her! but sometimes she’d better listen others when on red carpet!!

  • Okay, so what’s wrong with wearing t-shirt and jeans? If it’s comfortable then why not wear it right?? I don’t really like her alot but come on, being simple is the most amazing thing to do.

  • With all the plastic overdone Kardashian-types that are out there it is refreshing to see a young woman who is comfortable in her own skin! I applaud the fact that she knows what she likes and isn’t worried about what people think, and if memory serves me correct she switched to sneakers from her high heels because she had sprained her ankle while shooting an action scene in her latest movie.
    Leave the girl alone and focus your spiteful comments on the gals in Hollywood who have turned to plastic surgery,trashy outfits and way too much make-up and still look horrible!

  • She looks a hell of a lot better than the celebs that try to look “amazing” where ever they go. she atleast looks like a real person.. not some plastic doll.

  • Stylists don’t like her only because she refuses to be a walking advert for their attention seeking, self promoting selves.
    She’s an individual who won’t be ordered around like a sheep and stylists don’t like that, means they can’t do what they want. It should be the other way around, they do what she wants.
    Kristen is no plastic bimbo, she’s natural and good luck to her. She’s very beautiful with no makeup, just as she is, how many can say that.

  • I actually think Kristen looks good in the different outfits she’s worn to premiers. She owns her style and the outfit that she’s got on. As for her personal, everyday style – at least she’s real, and not trying to be someone that she’s not. Love her easy going and comfortable style.

  • Kristen is happy being herself which is a great message. She doesn’t always get it right.

  • Kristen has been an actress since she was a child, she has awkward movements from time to time but she has alot of great makeup artists who love working with her, and she always looks gorgeous at events and always has gorgeous dresses on too, I think people respect her more because she isnt the normal young actress caught up in the fashion world. Shes a cool laid bad chick who happens to be an AMAZING ACTRESS!

  • I love Kristen style.I think she is perfect the way she is.we dress to satisfy ourself (not to please others).she is wat she is not wat people want her to be,so u people need to respect dat.nobody show try to be someone their not. 100% beautiful Kristen is

  • It’s amazing how nasty and unforgiving this business of celebrity consumption and branding has become. Nothing cool or remotely daring is coming out of Hollywood and I am seriously bored to tears by the predictability of all the starlets in their cookie- cutter gowns, fake eyelashes and implants. If a gorgeous girl like Kristen, with her own style has the originality to do her own thing, she should be applauded!

  • I think that is who she is and if that’s sneakers and t-shirts I love her even more. I don’t get why we make such a big deal about shoes and dresses and stuff, it’s not like she has shown up there naked, dirty, drunk or …well covered in feathers for example. If I were her, I wouldn’t change a thing, and I hope she won’t change anything.

  • i love her *clap* FOR THE REAL PEOPLE!

  • I like Kristen Stewart because she’s really beautiful! However, I agree that she has to grow and put some efforts to understand fashion for the sake of her career. Fans will understand and adore her quirky behavior only for sometime but as time goes on, celebrities of her age will eventually overthrow her in the limelight. I really don’t get the way she dresses in big events. Sometimes she looks good but oftentimes she looks horrible!

  • This is exactly what happens when you dare to be yourself in this universe of lies and falseness.. This article is crappy but your style is not! It takes more than a woman to break these habits like you did. Keep going! I am with you KS :-)

  • KS does what pleases her and not what others want. She is her own person and as she get older, her style tastes will change as they seem to already be doing but it still is what she wants. Everyone loves her for being herself. What is so great is that no matter what she does, there will be someone to criticize so why not wear and do what feels good to her.

  • That’s exactly why I like her. The fashion world is superficial and pretencious. Kirsten doesn’t fit in their because she’s none of those things. Kirsten is a real and genuine girl who doesn’t give a toss about superficial things and rightly so as in the real world, they’re not important. All she wants to do is act. Kirtsen is more accepted in Eurpeon countries where her personality is understood and accepted for it’s indiviuality, as opposed to being oppressed and criticised by a group of individuals obsessed by looks who promote an unnatural and unhealthy image of women in general to the world ie; size zero and photoshopped.
    I’m glad she is seen to rebel against this. Someone has too.

  • i like what she’s do’in she’s just being her self she is beautiful even she wears high heels or rubber shoes… its her style and its her own fashion… why not let her do her thing… that look’s make her famous… in Twilight everybody is wearing simple, but the Movie was a hit!!!

  • At least she’s not a person who tries to impress everybody else. she just wants to be herself and be comfortable with whatever she wears. She’s a good actress and I like her.

  • common ,its not imp to always be in high heels n sexy stylish outfit,i mean comfort is also something n believe if kris ,goes for comfort with style than nothing wrong in it…..i myself feel,carrying myself all time in short or low neck line gown may lead to wardrobe malfuntion or loss of comfort….

  • KS is a NATURAL and they should not force her into the fad. Fashion and style is so commercial and not a must. I remember how people would frown and or laugh at someone not “in” with fashion but now mix and match is a new trend of fashion.
    KS is a fashion statement herself. And we like her style.

  • Leave Kristen alone! She is beautifully understated and tries to be as natural as she can when she doesnt have to dress up. More actresses should take her lead instead of being barbies. I love Miss Stewart and hope she never changes. I mean, who looks perfect ALL THE TIME anyway? We all can have grubby nails, scuffed sneakers and feel like shit sometimes, Kristens only human. If stylists dont like her she will find one who does. They should be so lucky to work on her.

  • look my name

  • ha ha ha ha full of jeulosy guys…… just ignore them
    ‘ i don’t care if they hate me for who i am,at least am not pretending to be someone’-quote from KRISTEN STEWART ….. JUST HATE KRISTEN FOR ALL HER LUCKY ..










  • She’s definitely original ;)

  • It’s awful! why

  • I do not like it. stop it. I think it’s cool

  • Leave her alone….Get a real job instead of picking on others. We teach our children not to bully others…I guess when it comes to the american and foreign press their parents were unavailable to teach that lesson.

  • Is she supposed to wear a meat dress, like lady gaga,to b fashionable? or wear one of those dresses the kardashians,Kim to b precise, wear n look like some a** z abt to bust the dress open? that’s just crap!! Who cares wat she wears? who cares if she walks in her pjs? The only thing that matters is she z a damn good actress! n while the haters are yappin n b****** like small puppies she z making cash!!!

  • I also have no sense of fashion. Fashion is what is ridiculous in a few years. Which makes it ridiculous on a fundamental level.

    Besides, de gustibus non disputandum est – “In matters of taste, there can be no disputes”. You have your bad taste, and I have my good one. What ever you say, who ever you are, I could not possibly care less.

    There is a real world out there, where people survive and have a good time without ever thinking the least about what goes on in your little reservation.

    Just like you can live without football, you can live without fashion. And just because someone shows you what they think is important, that doesn’t mean you have to also think it is important.

    You do in fact have a mind of your own – even in the world of fashion uniformity and posh snobbery standard. From the outside, the fashion world looks just as petty and pathetic as any other religion or sect.

    I stay away from exclusive groups whose members believe they are better than most people. Boredom has a notorious tendency to bore me.

  • she’s beautiful naturally and she knows it. That’s why she doesn’t need all that glamorous style. She’s a down to earth kind of person a relax type.

  • She is beautiful all natural and doesn’t need or want to do all that. I don’t think any woman should have to go through all that crap to please others. I myself am just like her and so is my daughter. Natural is the better way to go. I know too many women who spend hours with their hair, make-up and clothes and waste so much time and money on it and not to mention all the chemicals they are putting on their body. You go girl and keep keeping it simple as you don’t need to impress anyone you already do :)

  • She has the “special something” and just like the very young Madonna she can wear the most awkward things and all the girls will try to copy her. She is more of a punk girl though than Madonna. If you are so young and you know that you have a nice body you don’t care much for perfection. Hopefully she stays this way and won’t start with plastic surgery when she hits the 30s.

  • I think she need to style up.defend her al u want but u al know its true

  • All I can say Is that I really admire her…I hope She’s always be put God First in everything she does..

  • Maybe if people would stop judging her, she wouldn’t have such a damn bad attitude.

  • Not every celebrity has to have a ‘fantastic style’ and have to be all fake… people change way to much once they see fame. Kristen looks like a human, you know? An actual person, which to be honest is refreshing, she looks like any other person would on a daily basis, just because she’s a celeb doesnt mean she has to change who she is and what she wears.

  • Who gives a f*** what the media says or what the stylists say! I think Kristen is the best celeb there is because she always is herself and she dresses how she wants and she seems normal. People like me want to know they can relate to us. And I think media and all these a****** paparazzi need to back off of the celebs. They are people too! And i’m sure they would love their Privacy!
    Tajmianica Brannon

  • She’s young and gorgeous. Leave her alone. She clearly is who she is,and comfortable with herself.

  • fashion-wise, Kristen Stewart is probably one of the most authentic people.. on the red carpet, and off.
    I can only hope to be half as gorgeous as her.

    stylists who want to change people to fit someone else’s image can “style” whatever sold-out bimbos are on the red carpet, preferably the ones with their noses done and lips injected.

  • i think that kristen stuart is the best, becouse she doesnt mind what other people think abaut her, and even if others dont like her she ignores them… and in her fashion she is the best… she doesnt mind what she wears because she is already so beautiful… not like beyonce and other stars who go crazy if they arent beautiful and in style… Kristen Stuart is my favorite star and she will always be…

  • Kristen- your style fridkin rocks!! u look awsome all the time ,excpecially in your skinny jeans, casual tops & very grunge yet very awsomely stlyled shoes,id like 2 congradulate you 4being an extrodinary & upstanding actress/model & even more on being a truely unique person youve awlways seemed real even when theye try2tear you down & right back up u stand.BRAVO!..p.s no1 should try2 stand straight all the time thats been proven to cause just as many spine probs as much as slouching dose, so rock on your a real woman living in a plastic world you just happen to look as good as they do w/out all the effort thats what there really mad aboot…

  • I find Kristen very attractive. Not every star needs to look glamorous and be dressed by someone else to be beautiful. She has what normal people call “Natural Beauty”. Leave her alone, who cares.

  • I love Kristen Stewarts look, probably because I dress exactly the same way, T-shirt, skinny jeans and sneakers/flip flops, and it drives my boyfriend nuts, he’s always saying I have no style, but I love what I wear it’s comfy, and when we go out I might wear a dress but not always, usually I’ll wear nice skinny jeans a nice sexy top and heels, but I always have my flip flops in my purse or in my car for later.
    So all those stylist can just stuff it because you don’t always need to dress perfect, it’s not realty, Kristen Stewart is a regular girl and sh’e keepin it real.

  • Some people we born to be casaul not all glits and glam but i have found there is a happy medium and ppl just need to find that for dont get me wrong i hate kirsten stewart as an actor my shower head has more personality settings, but come on not everyonee needs to conform to the world i mean take gaga she has the craziest style ever but she is concidered trendy why cant a nice pair of jeans a dressy tee and sneekers be trendy dont dress the girl up to where she cant walk or she feels to reveled come on people really are ya thay dumb you cant realize that on your own shit i would be her stylist and do way better than the idots that have been doing her up.

  • Oh lord.
    It’s kind of sad how people are when they judge others by their clothing. I don’t know much about Kristen Stewart, but I’ve seen a couple movies she’s been in, and I think she did a good job. I also think that her choice in clothing is just fine! I even respect her, because she’s brave enough to be true to herself. You don’t need a $1000000000 makeovers that will wear off in hours to be a cool person. You don’t even need to look good. All you really need is a good heart! True friends don’t care about how nice looking they are. Movie writers don’t need to dress up in rubies to write their master pieces. Neither do regular writers…why the hell do we have to waste our money on looks? And besides, it’s Kristen’s choice to what she wears! She’s not five!

  • There’s a lot of Hollywood stars out there who has their own fashion stylist but looks hilarious. Simplicity is beauty.

  • you ppl are pathetic.. worst of the worst

  • Its called not selling out! if you like your own style stick with it thats what makes people individuals I bet marlon brando or robert di nero never get told how to play a part and how to look

  • she’s not fashion pariah… she just prefer to be more comfy.. that’s all.. not a big deal at all.. well, at least she’s trying to adapt into the fashion world… and be herself.. her true colour.. not trying to be fake!

  • She is a pot head. An addict. Of COURSE she doesn’t care about clothes. I don’t think she really cares about anything.