Gucci Watches Spring / Summer 2010

Gucci is a brand that everybody knows, even those who are far from fashion world. That’s why when we say ‘Gucci watch’ each of us has a clear picture in mind. We are aware of what Gucci watches look like – chic, classy and sophisticated.

Gucci watch 2010 1

The campaign for Spring-Summer 2010 featuring legendary Veruschka and Peter Sellers looks interesting. The scenes of life from far 60s were taken to our times and timeless pieses are shown in context of modernity.

Gucci watch 2010 2

“The images featured in this campaign are some of my favorites from the Gucci archive,” said creative director Frida Giannini. “They perfectly illustrate not only the glamour of Gucci’s past and the many style icons who were naturally drawn to the house, but also show how this heritage can be relevant today.”

Gucci watch 2010 3

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