Items You Should Never Save On

Ordinary people don’t earn millions and can’t afford having everything they want. But there are items one should never save on. Speaking fashionably I’m going to name things I would invest good money into and hardly ever regret about that.


1.Jeans. One pair of decent jeans is much better than a whole load of those of poor quality. Good expensive jeans will be with you forever and always fit you perfectly. Cheap jeans can change color, wear out or even shrink. So, what’s better: to have one really qualitative pair or a number of trendy but third rate denim pieces?


2.Lingerie. Girls love lingerie. We think the more ensembles we have the better. This isn’t really true. It is much wiser to purchase a couple of sets that you will look fantastic in, those that provide proper support and have a great shape. You will feel different and exceptionally comfy in these. Good quality is worth the money you pay for it.


3.Shoes. Every girl should own at least one pair of shoes in classic design. And those have to be of very high quality. Of course you might dream about having a wardrobe full of shoes, like Carrie Bradshaw’s, but it is definitely better to buy one pair than a few ones for the same amount of money. Keep in mind the fact you will be able to wear it with almost anything and they will look stylish for a long time.


4.Watch. Saving on a watch is silly because cheap watch is always noticeable. Good watch shows your status. You will look chic and stylish wearing a good watch even with jeans and a shirt. It’s fantastic if you can afford having many expensive watches but if you cant just buy one and wear with dignity.


5.Bag. One bag of very good quality is far better than 10 bags of worse quality. The bag you choose should go with everything you wear and be durable enough to stay with you for a few seasons. Nowadays it is not necessary to suit a bag with shoes. Bag can even be the central part of your outfit. Think about the quality first.


6.Perfume. Wearing perfume is essential, and the better you can afford the longer and more pleasantly you’ll smell.

Anything to add? Well, I think, no. Feel free to leave your comments!

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  • seriously wtf ?
    what kind of stupid and prototipized things are you sayng ?

  • You should never save on a hair cut!

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