Ralph Lauren Designs For US Olympic Team

As the Winter Olympic Games are coming closer we more and more often hear of outfits sportsmen will wear during the opening ceremony and the competitions.

We already know that Vera Wang is working on costumes for ice skaters. And now comes the news that Ralph Lauren has created new outfits for the US Olympic team.

ralph lauren

The 70-year-old designer has made a range of sportswear – the Polo Ralph Lauren Olympic collection – for athletes to don during the opening ceremony of the 21st Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada on February 12.

The collection is said to have been inspired by “classic” outfits worn during the 1932 competition in Lake Placid.

Ralph’s son David Lauren – who is senior member of staff at the Polo range – commented:

We always look back to study history as we create our designs and are always inspired by the classics. The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) came to us because they were looking for something that was thoroughly American, and classic but modern.”

And this is what usually Ralph Lauren’s lines are focused on. However, the giant fashion label has also taken a modern but “relaxed” feel.

David added to the USA Today newspaper:

This time, the USOC wanted something that’s a lot more sporty, technical-oriented, a little more relaxed.”

Ice dancer Tanith Belbin is delighted by the fact she will wear clothing made by an iconic designer.

She said:

Obviously, Lauren’s one of the most, if not the most, iconic American designers ever. He just really respects the roots of American heritage. It’s great to have such an interestingly designed collection. I know that’s something that all the winter athletes were jealous of when we saw the Beijing Games. We wanted to stand out and look really well put together.”

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