Taylor Momsen on CosmoGirl prom

Gossip Girl starlet Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphrey) covers the issue, and is featured all over the inside of the January 2009 CosmoGirl Prom.

This photoshoot was done before she cut all her hair.

On the cover, miss Momsen dresses a light pink prom dress with black dots of all sizes — super hot!

Taylor Momsen, 15, opened to the mag about her memorable prom experience:

Most of my friends were seniors and they were like, ‘You sit at our table every day, so you have to come to our prom.’ … It’s fun to say our prom was on Friday the 13th. I’ll never forget the date!”

On the perfect pair of shoes to dance in:

Everyone else took off their shoes as soon as they got there, but I kept my feet clean. I never get into the vanity of that type of thing. It’s with my friends. If I’m uncomfortable, then I’m not even in my own skin. You can look good and still be comfortable.”

On her advice to Little J:

Go [to prom]! I don’t live a traditional life, so I’m glad I went. It’s an important life stepping stone that everyone should experience.”

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