UK InStyle May 2009 – Hayden Panettiere

You can see Hayden Panettiere in hot gold dress on the UK Instyle May 2009.

She told magazine about:


I always said I want four kids – I love kids. I would love to be a mother and to have a family – for Italians, it’s the most important thing you can have”

Her children’s future:

“I think you have to be a pretty strong person to enter the industry that young and not be affected by it….I was lucky, but I’d never want my kids to be subject to that much criticism at such a young age.”


“There’s a lot of criticism,” Hayden said of the industry. “It blows my mind that people want to find flaws and things to pick at. Growing up with the pressure to be thin and the fact that TV adds at least 5lbs… it was tough.”

Her insecurities:

I’m getting there, but I think I have the same insecurities as most girls,” “I’ve never had really skinny arms, so whenever I do photo shoots, it becomes a lot about the angle that work with my arms. Also, I’ve a bit of a rounder face, so I work the angles there too.”

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