Versace Resort 2011 Collection

Donatella Versace did everything to make her Resort 2011 collection bright and youthful. She used vibrant colors, designed provocative mini skirts and clinging dresses and created oh-so-lovely summery high-boots that remind me gladiators but actually look feminine.

versace resort 2011 2

Versace Resort 2011 looks very pretty and stylish. Besides, it is rather simple that makes the outits it comprises perfect for daywear and even some for officewear. However, I can’t see any garments that would look appropriate on the red carpet. Yes, I know there are ordinary collections as well as couture ones to serve that purpose, but I’m used to see chic sophicticated dresses in each Versace collection. So, don’t blame me.

versace resort 2011 4

The innovative accessory from Versace Resort 2011 range that I’m almost freaking about is a knapsack looky-likey that broke down into four bags. Looks interesting and would be ideal for those ladies who always carry millions of things with them.

versace resort 2011 6

versace resort 2011 1

versace resort 2011 3

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versace resort 2011 7

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