Victoria Beckham: Style Icon, Ideal Woman

Everybody knows Victoria Beckham and her life is like a little girl’s dream.

Her real name is Victoria Caroline Adams. She became extremely famous in the 90s as a member of the world-famous band Spice Girls’

Victoria called herself Posh implying she was chic and aristocratic.

Then she fell madly in love with one of the most handsome man in the world, a footballer David Beckham, and had a son from him. After that Victoria married David and gave birth to two more sons.

Soon Posh realized she had a designing talent and launched a few lines of accessories, jeans and perfume. She fronts ad campaigns of the most outstanding designers and brands and is always in tabloids.

Today we all watch her life, admire her haircuts, outfits and heel height. She is regularly included into lists of the worst dressed celebrities but this is hardly important for her or her fans. No matter what Posh does she is a world style icon.

Wealthy ‘Spice’

Victoria can’t stand being called Vicky but likes when people name her Posh.

Adams family has been powerful and wealthy and that is why Posh was used to get what she wanted. Despite the fact she was driven to school by Rolls-Royce Victoria didn’t turn into a rich spoilt capricious child. She started working early to show she wanted to go her own way in life.

No one had expected her father’s favorite could become a dancer and visit dozens castings to find a descent job.

But sceptics had to shut their mouths when Posh turned out a member of the world-popular music band and later a wife of a football star – David Beckham.

Now Victoria isn’t content with being just a footballer’s wife. She doesn’t sing any more but her profession is being herself – Victoria Beckham.

Posh says she has never been good at singing but she is very capable, especially in the fashion field. Victoria transformed her own original style into a designer label and now she doesn’t need her father’s fortune or her husband’s multimillion contracts.

Posh spends lots of money on her outfits, shoes, accessories and makeup but she earns no less than that on making jeans, sunglasses and perfume.

Victoria has recently realized her dream by starting a label with her own name.

No wonder this business will also be successful as plenty of people would like to be a little ‘Posh’.

Her limited collection of cocktail dresses is already on sale and one can find a piece or two in big cities worldwide. Posh says her clothing line is her ‘fourth child’.

When Victoria isn’t busy with her own brand she IS busy representing other brands. For example, last year she was the face of Marc Jacobs’s accessories. This campaign re-opened Victoria for us as a comic actress. The photoshoot featured the celebrity as a crazy shopoholic.

And lately Posh has graced Emporio Armani underwear photoshoot with her husband.

The contract is $ 15 million worth.

Victoria Beckham in Vogue Russia February 2009

New Iron Lady

This woman provokes different emotions – delight, envy, indignation – everything but indifference. She seems fragile but she is strong.

Twenty four hours a day she looks flawless ready to cover a glossy magazine at any moment.

Just a few times she was photographed being drunk with her friends in a restaurant. But these pictures are nothing compared to discrediting evidence on other celebrities.

She looks even boring: a well-dressed tipsy woman holding her husband’s arm to prevent herself from falling down.

But nobody ever could take a photo of Posh walking to a supermarket with greasy hair or lying on the beach with horrible cellulite.

Even if Mrs. Beckham is all busy with her kids she always wears makeup, high heels and a new outfit which will come into fashion the next day.

Thanks to Victoria’s efforts her husband David, who used to be just a handsome man with snowy white teeth, turned into one of the most popular and stylish man in the world, a role model and the face of ad campaigns.

Victoria works hard on the image of the Beckhams and brings back to fashion eternal values like happy marriage, respect to individualities of each other and combined care of their children.

David and Victoria do everything to be always together and in all interviews tell people how much they love each other. Besides, the family plans to have a daughter.

Unlike other celebrities Victoria isn’t afraid of multiple pregnancies or ageing. She says she is going to get old together with her husband.

Victoria Beckham for Elle US 2009
Posh tried to forget about the horrible events of 2004 when David signed a contract with Real Madrid, left for Spain and had an affair with a young assistant.

Victoria was strong enough to go to Madrid and prove everyone that her marriage isn’t so difficult to ruin. When Posh is asked about her life in Spain she usually says she had an opportunity to learn the language.

Fashion passion

Victoria Beckham changed her appearance lots of times. She used to be blond and then brunette, she had long hair and asymmetrical cut in a new-wave style.

She wore her husband’s jeans and provocative dresses by young designers. The only thing that never changed was – whatever Victoria wore it immediately became famous.

Posh even wrote two autobiographies telling about how she looked for her own style. She worked as an editor of Harper`s Bazaar, and last year she wrote an essay for Glamour, enumerating main principles a woman should follow to look good.

Posh recommended paying particular attention to bags, shoes and sunglasses – these should be always perfect no matter what you are wearing.

Besides, one must have a bigger garment just in case she gains some weight, buy clothes which are always in fashion, never expose more than one part of the body and be able to combine bras and panties from different sets.

Victoria says she doesn’t think she is the most attractive woman but she is sure she can perfectly show off her advantages.

Victoria Beckham for Harper's Bazaar 2009

Being a close friend of Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli and Georgio Armani, Victoria Beckham has one of the most expensive wardrobes in the world.

According to DailyMail Posh spent nearly 25 thousand pounds on bags in 2007.

And last year her collection of accessories increased with her husband’s unique present – Birkin Himalaya bag encrusted with a hundred diamonds for 80 thousand pounds.

Nowadays experts say that Victoria has found her personal style and doesn’t need experiments any more. Posh likes respectable and feminine fashion of the 50s.

These skin-tight dresses turn Victoria with her masculine figure into a new Holly Golightly.

Mrs. Beckham confesses that to see herself from all sides and choose the most flattering silhouette for her figure wasn’t easy but countless photos in tabloids featuring her in her full height better than any mirror helped her.

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