Avril Lavigne – Abbey Dawn Clothing Line Photoshoot

Avril Lavigne keeps on working on her own clothing line called Abbey Dawn. As you might know she launched the first collection in July 2008 and received rather warm reactions. It looked cool and girlie and what is more important, it was affordable.

Now it’s 2010 and Avril is still working, that’s good. In September last year the Canadian singer presented her line at New York Fashion Week. The collection was received well, though there were a few negative responses too.

Avril Lavigne abbey dawn clothing line 1

Fashion journalists criticized the range by saying it was not new, not special or surprising. But Avril doesn’t listen to those offensive remarks. She knows that there can never be only success and love. Everyone goes through difficulties to get what he wants.

Avril Lavigne abbey dawn clothing line 2

Avril likes her collection and is happy to talk about it.

She says:

[There’s a] lot of hot pinks and blacks and stars and purple and zebra. Basically, everything I wear. I have a very particular style. I want it to be available to a lot of girls, and I want it to be affordable. What’s really important to me is that everything fits well and is well-made, so I try everything on and approve it all. The hoodies are slimming. It’s not a thick, bulky material.”

Avril Lavigne abbey dawn clothing line 3

Now we have a chance to see the new Abbey Dawn collection being modeled by Avril herself.
The clothes are all in rock-and-punk style with all those prints and bright colors. Jeans, hoodies, T-shirts, sneakers, leggings and suchlike pieces are what the collection includes. Looks lovely and youthful, an dalso feminien, something we couldn’t expect.

Avril Lavigne abbey dawn clothing line 4

These clothes will have a great success with young generation – teens and young people in their 20s – who like to look cool and feel comfortable.

Avril Lavigne abbey dawn clothing line 5

Avril Lavigne abbey dawn clothing line 6

Avril Lavigne abbey dawn clothing line 7

Avril Lavigne abbey dawn clothing line 8

Avril Lavigne abbey dawn clothing line 9

Avril Lavigne abbey dawn clothing line 10

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