Dior Vs Chanel Spring 2014 Campaign

Dior Spring/Summer 2014
Dior Spring/Summer 2014

Here is another series of campaigns for you to drool over. Dior and Chanel, among many other brands, have released their Spring/Summer 2014 ads. To compare them, one has to be incredibly proficient in terms of fashion and style, however even in this case it might be hard. The thing is that both of the photoshoots are so adorable and irresistible that it is super hard to make your mind. I, personally, have hesitated for quite a while before I was able to make my final decision. If you want to figure out my opinion on the most enchanting campaign as well as learn more about both of the creations, read on and you won’t regret it.

Spring/Summer 2014 Campaigns: Chanel & Dior

Dior decided to present its magnificent collection in even more magnificent way. The French fashion house lensed the charming models against a very engaging background. Light blue sky covered with white puffy clouds looks totally outstanding. I would call the images before my eyes using one single word: Freedom. Once you spot the scene you no longer belong to yourself. The picture is so fascinating that it keeps hypnotizing you and making your soul crave the beautiful heights.

Stella Tennant, Edie Campbell, Elise Crombez, and Julia Nobis all rocked in the set of saucy images. The four beauties, despite the different appearance, manage to look very similar and thus create a very solid impression. I assume, it is due to the marvelous outfits by Raf Simons, the creative director, that the line appeared to be so terrific. Willy Vandeperre was very lucky to collaborate with both the famous brand and the talented models, as he photographed the campaign.

I am in love with all the pieces showed off in the photoshoot. Even though I have seen them before, as we all enjoyed the Spring/Summer 2014 runway shows, I still find it hard to resist the great style and perfect design of Dior clothing pieces. Especially, when they are combined in such a trendy and elegant way – there is no way you will disagree with me on that.

Zac Posen Dress Spring/Summer 2013
Chanel Spring/Summer 2014

Chanel opted for a more moderate backdrop and offered stylish looks lensed against indoor scene. Although these images do not seem to be as mesmerizing as the ones by Dior, still you will be over them, for sure. The color combinations are probably what is going to attract the most attention. Yummy shades are styled together to create mind-blowing ensembles – Karl Lagerfeld is definitely one in a million.

By the way, the maestro himself shot the campaign again. This talented man sees no limits for his own development. If in a couple of years I spot him on stage performing one of the top hits, I won’t be surprised at all. This time he had a chance to work with awesome models such as Lindsey Wixson and Sasha Luss. The two stunners managed to add a creative and fresh touch to the line that was already magnificent before. Besides, they play off in a lovely contrast: platinum blonde Sasha and fiery red Lindsay both look adorable.

Both Chanel and Dior Spring/Summer 2014 campaigns deserve a big round of applause. The models did their job in a way that makes one’s mouth water. So did the photographers, managing to capture the best moments and emotions of the beautiful ladies. As was promised above, I am sharing on my fave. Dior campaign speaks to me more, for very obvious reasons. Now it is your turn to pass the verdict. Check out the gallery for more images and don’t hesitate to share your judgements.

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