Feminine Fashion

This season, the fashion trend is all about being ladylike, feminine and subtly sensuous. It is about grown up pieces that work in real life. The trend also easily integrates into any fashionista’s wardrobe. The cute kitten heels are back after a few seasons’ absence. Some may argue that the point of high heels is to make legs look longer and more elegant, and some may argue that high heels for tall women make them look like giants, but whatever the argument, there is no denying that kitten heels teamed with a blouse and pencil skirt look sexy and sophisticated.

feminine fashion

Also back for the Autumn/Winter collection is one of my personal favourites, the chunky oversized cardigan. It’s a perfect winter warmer! It looks great when paired with skinny jeans or leggings tucked into tall boots and bold jewellery. It’s definitely my Autumn/Winter ‘must have’.

As mentioned earlier the trend is femininity, and what says that more than lace? Lace is proving very popular right now; with women’s clothes sporting all over see through lace, and some carrying lace trims. Be sure to wear nude underwear or a nude coloured bodysuit underneath to protect your modesty.

feminine fashion

Shades of grey have been splashed out all over the catwalk, and any shade goes; from ash grey to icy silvers, so instead of reaching for that classic black item, try sprucing up your wardrobe with a chic grey pencil dress or slouchy boots.

On top of all these amazing feminine styles, all ladies need a coat. Lace and leggings alone aren’t enough to prevent frostbite! The camel coat is a timeless piece. It is every bit as sophisticated and feminine as the name … Well ignore the silly name; just know that this coat is widely fashionable right now.
There is so much to pick from in the great trends of the Autumn/Winter collection it’s going to be hard to choose. The bottom line to remember is: be feminine and ladylike.

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