How to choose flattering pants for your figure

Clothes play a great role in our lives. They create impressions, make us look and feel a certain way, they even speak about our personalities. That is why it is so significant to be able to choose and wear clothes correctly.

Here we will speak about pants and how you can select the most flattering pair for yourself.

Very few of us can say their figures are perfect and they have nothing to hide or conceal. No-flat tummy, too heavy bottom, wide hips – are common problems which can be solved with the help of right pants.

So, let’s discuss what you should take into an account when choosing a pair of pants intended to make you look slimmer and taller.

Problem 1. A heavy bottom.
Opt for close-fitting pants with a larger, loose top. You can try a jacket or tunic to go over and cover your buttocks. Don’t wear loose-fitting pants or gathered elastic waistbands as they add bulk and fullness. Avoid back pockets as these can attract attention to the area you wish to hide.

Problem 2. Short legs.
Choose dark colors, thin vertical stripes or corduroy as these create a leg-lengthening effect. Wear cuffless and flat-front pants, because cuffs and pleats tend to shorten legs. Heeled shoes with high-waisted pants that fall and drape over your shoes are a good decision.

Problem 3. Thick waist.
Steer clear of belts on your pants. They draw attention to your mid-section. Stay away from patterns as well, for they add pounds. Opt for solid colors.

Problem 4. Wide thighs.
Focus on wide-leg or straight-leg pants which drape loosely. Boot-cut pants can be a good option. Avoid tapered pants which accentuate large thighs.

General tips on creating an illusion of a slimmer shape.
• Black is your salvational color, it makes you look thinner. Beside black you can wear khaki, peach, beige, hot pink, navy blue and royal blue. These colors also have a slimming effect.

• If you choose to wear total black add a colorful accessory like a watch, necklace, or even a handbag (purse) to brighten your image. Or consider wearing a lighter top. But never ever wear a darker top with lighter pants!

• Fluid lightweight fabrics like silk, satin or polyester work best for making you slimmer. They flow and give you a more feminine look.

• Try the classic length. It flatters everyone. By the way, classic length is – just below the ankle with the hem brushing the back of your shoe.

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