How to choose wedding dress for plus-size women

Every girl dreams about her big day and envisions herself wearing a perfect gown that outshines every other female’s outfit at the event. But if you are a plus-size there might be some problem on finding what flatters you. Nowadays there are lots of designers who are ready to help you and offer a gown you have always seen in your happy dreams.

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You might want to shed a few pounds before the wedding and it is a good decision but don’t let yourself starve as this can spoil your mood and make you too nervous. What is much better is to look through lots of catalogues and online stores that offer dresses to every taste, finances and shapes. A plus-size bride can and should look fabulous at the altar.

Now let’s talk about what the dress can be like to make the most of your curves.

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First of all, forget about hugely puffy wedding dresses which were fashionable in the 70-80s. They look cute but not on big girls.You may think it is the best for you as it can cover all those bulges you’d like to hide. But while your full arms are hidden under balloon sleeves and heavy bottom covered by a voluminous skirt you, as a whole, will look even bigger than you are. Is that really what you want? Of course not. So, stay away from cute princess-like puffy dresses with lots of lace, layers and balloon sleeves; unfortunately they aren’t for you.

Besides, steer cleer of mermaid and sheath dresses, those which accentuate attention on hips much.

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Plus-size girls look good in dresses that have a trapeze silhuette, without too much volume and details. Fabric should cling to the body but not pull in too tight. Avoid shining materials. They create the illusion of a bigger form.

Plumpness can be different. If one woman suffers from a wide waist, another one can worry about her big bust and heavy bottom. All these problems can be solved if you know how to flatter you body.

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If you have full arms and shoulders and a big breast, dresses with tight-fitting long sleeves and square neck are to avoid. What will look good on you is a wide V-neck which will make your neck look longer and bust smaller. Choose sleeves that are long and bell-shaped starting from the elbow (a bit higher than that or a little lower) or short loose sleeves. If the dress comes without sleeves try a lacy bolero or a tippet. Bustier models are not the best decision.

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If you have a wide waist, try to shift the focus to the bust or hips. If the hips are beautiful and not too big opt for a mermaid dress. Another decision can be a flower attached to the bodice to accentuate the bust area. A dress with diagonal wrap over or waist drapery will be nice as well, as it hangs down to your hips and breaks the width of the midriff.

In case the waist is too big corset can work, but wearing it means you will hardly feel comfortable at the wedding ceremony. Empire-waist dresses can be good options too.

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To draw attention from your problem areas try embroidery or insets in contrast colors from the color of your dress.

Bottom part needs just a little correction as wedding dress nearly always comes with at least a bit puffy skirt. Mermaid dress is the worst what you can choose in case you have huge hips. An empire dress will smooth the disbalance between your hips and the waist.

I hope these tips are enough for you to make your choice. But our tips are just tips that will help you create a leaner silhouette. You might want to try something different, not mentioned here or even said to stay away from. Everything depends on your choice. It is your day and you must feel confident in whatever you choose. All brides say they FEEL their dress as soon as they see it. Maybe you will understand it too. If you do, forget about all the tips and advice. Make your own choice!

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