How To Create Your Own Unique Style

All women are different and don’t want to look similar to each other. That is why it is essential to create your own style, not the copy of a celebrity or a friend, but you personal unique style. It is not so easy to do but quite possible. Just make an effort and you’ll succeed.

personal style

Step 1. Choose photos of people whose style you like.
You can look through fashion magazines and fashion blogs to find pictures of women whose style looks interesting to you. Clothing, accessories, makeup – everything. Pay attention to the fit of clothes and comfort they give to the wearer.

Take into account the fact that clothing is a message to the external world. It means you should also determine who you are going to dress for: your boyfriend, colleagues, yourself. And keeping this in mind try to choose garments that correspond to your purpose. Besides, clothes can improve or create the mood you want. All depends on what your expectations are.

Step 2. Examine your look.

Look through the pictures of yourself and try to understand who you see. A serious business lady who wants to impress with her image, a teenager who is aimed at finding her own cool style, or a housewife that strives to start a new chapter in her life. Ask yourself what this person on the photo likes, what clothing she would like to wear, what sensations she wants to experience while rocking her outfits. Become your own stylist. Remember that clothing is necessary for not only protection of cold and covering your nudity, it, along with accessories and makeup, creates you personal image, mood and even determine behavior.

When you have an idea of what you want, imagine yourself trying on the clothing from the pictures you’ve chosen. Understand what you feel wearing those, whether you feel comfortable or not, and which of these items you would really like to wear.

personal style

Step 3. Go to stores and try on things.
After you’ve realized what you really want to have in your wardrobe it’s time you checked if your choice is successful. Go to the big store and try on various clothing, both cheap and expensive. Your task is not to buy anything but to understand what you feel good in.

It is not only fit that is important. Pay attention to your sensations, whether this or that item is good for your lifestyle and weather conditions in your country, think of any combinations of this piece with those you already have.

Step 4. Get rid of clothing that will not fit your new style.
So, you need to look through the clothing you have, find the pieces you will hardly ever need and throw those away. If you can’t do it just put them on the furthest shelf available or give away to your friends. Try to understand which items will match to your new style. Those which you feel will not be compatible should be removed.

Step 5. Go shopping.
This time you will really go shopping. But don’t hurry, think about every piece you are planning to buy, imagine how it will complement your outfits, how it will make your wardrobe richer.

Don’t try to look ‘fashionable’. You must understand that fashion is very relative. Wearing latest fashion trends does not always guarantee people will take you as a fashionista. You must choose clothing that fits you, your body type, you way of life. If you wear something that looks weird but from the latest runway you’ll hardly be admired.

Step 6. Make your present a dream come true!
Every day standing in front of your closet ask yourself: “What role I want to play today?” A cute schoolgirl, daughter of wealthy parents, seductive business woman, flirty artist, cool party girl… You can do everything! But of course, be careful not to overdo and consider your body type.

To finish with, I’ll advise you to wear a smile. Because even the most luxurious outfit will look dull without it. Good luck!

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