Kate Moss Launched Her Last Collection For Topshop

Kate Moss must have mixed feelings about the launch of her last collection for Topshop. On the one hand, she might be feeling upset because she won’t create any more ranges for the high-street store. On the other hand, she can be really happy to get rid of this job and finally focus her attention on something different.

kate moss

Kate has been working for Topshop for four years and designed 14 collections, majority of which were incredibly successful and flew away from shelves pretty fast. Now, when her era is over, Kate can look back with satisfaction. She has done what she could and even more.

She said:

When we started the project we didn’t have an end in mind but I’m really proud of all 14 collections. I’ve learned a lot about the design and development process; experiences that I’d only ever seen informally through being a model.”

kate moss last collection for topshop

To launch her last, fourteenth collection, Kate Moss appeared wearing a custom-made, daring, plunging sparkly black jumpsuit. She looked very good in it. With her blonde hair teased into tumbling curls, as well as a dash of bright red lipstick on a fresh-looking face Kate looked more than a little like 60′s screen siren Brigitte Bardot.

Together with Kate’s final collection, Topshop is also planning to release Kate Iconic, a capsule collection of the supermodel’s 10 most popular designs.

Kate’s final collection is available to buy in store and online now.

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