Louis Vuitton Autumn-Winter 2009/2010

Louis Vuitton Fall 2009 collection was unveiled on the last day of Paris Fashion Week and made a good ending for the epopee of couture garments.

The line was fabulous as well as all the previous collections by this brand. Plenty of terrific items were presented and approved by fashion experts who attended the show.

The first thing I would like to say about the range is the color palette. It was absolutely glorious: fuchsia, jade, emerald green, coral, electric blue, red, sunshine yellow and glossy blacks. The clothes looked fresh and far from those dark hues preferred by many designers in the time of economic downturn.

Marc Jacobs created lots of wonderful garments, some of them were 80’s-inspired, and some looked more modern.

There were lots of ruffles, ruches, bows, pompoms, bunny ears, and other nice details.

A disco-punk prom theme was in center of the collection. Puffy skirts and shoulders, which created a lot of volume, multi-colored layered skirts, dresses with much ruching – all that looked pretty suitable for a prom party.

Besides, there were nice tulip skirts, delicate lace blouses, knit cardigans, beautiful black tailored skirt suits, puffy peplum jackets, bejeweled satin leggings, a mini lace Marie Antoinette pannier dress with a saucy sheer balconette and of course coats, which surprised me with their volume and broadness (actually they were as broad as they were short).

What I liked best were the multilayered skirts and skirt suits with loads of ruches. They looked very feminine and perfect to wear for many occasions.

The shoes were magnificent. Vuitton and Louboutin’s shoes are the best for me and this season is not an exception.

Classic style high-heeled pumps with ribbons instead of ordinary straps, lace-up boots and thigh-high boots which are surprisingly popular this season – all of them were fantastic!

Another distinctive feature of Louis Vuitton brand has always been the bags. This time bags were mostly small handbags of bright hues, little nice clutches and great multicolored pouches.

Among other accessories I can mention the gloves – they were to any taste – long and classic, and short fingerless, or both designs combined – long and fingerless gloves. Looks pretty interesting!

I am sure that many of the items from this collection will become popular with fashionistas except for, maybe, bunny ears!


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  • Looks to be a fun autumn, thigh high boots and ruffles make me think of tea parties! Can’t wait! That being said,
    I am SO sick of these stupid bunny-ear bows!