Men fashion trends for spring-summer 2009

These spring and summer 2009 men fashion trends are bright and chic.

Some new designs are created, silhouettes that seemed to have gone away forever return back to fashion and lots of details which have been popular with men for a long time already are used with a new modern twist.

So, what exactly is going to be in vogue for men this season?

First of all, suits.

Lots of suits of various kinds were seen in spring collections for men.

Classic stylish suits paired with nice-looking shirts, ties and dressy shoes will look wonderful at any formal dinner or office.

The color palette is extremely wide: from dark strict tones to bright but elegant-looking hues.

Besides, there are many suit types that include very thin, I would call them even skinny, pants.

Such items were presented in Givenchy, Gucci, Jil Sanders, Alexander McQueen’s lines.

And, as one of the spring and summer trends is wide pants, there are some suits which include such pants.

Looks pretty unusual. Look for pieces of this type in Bottega Veneta’s collection.

The next trend to talk about is dinner jackets. There are lots of them in Dolce&Gabbana and D&G lines.

The elements to focus your attention in dinner jackets are the following: satin shawl, satin notched or peaked lapels, or the satin stripe. A good choice for those who like attending posh parties.

Vests are back in fashion.

For a few recent seasons designers seemed to completely forget about the vest and now it’s made a huge comeback. It can go with a suit or without it as a separate piece.

The fabrics are different: satin, wool, jersey, etc. Couturiers who favored these items are D&G, Moschino and others.

Another piece that some time ago was only worn with classic suits is a tie.

Now tie is not confined to wearing with suits. It is used in many other various styles also: with casual clothes, extravagant garments, etc.

Each man will define for himself how to wear it. Gucci, Etro, Dolce&Gabbana, Phillip Lim 3.1. have used this small piece to add to their ranges.

Wide pants which go with almost any style imaginable is one of the hottest trends in this season.

Wide pants are used to match classic jackets and modern clinging ones.

They can be worn with casual shirts and trench coats and with turtlenecks as well – many choices are available.

Sports style wide pants are combined with classic pieces and still look well! Search for the garments described in D&G, Etro, Dolce&Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli’s collections.

Coats have been presented by many couturiers, such as Burberry Prorsum, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Dries Van Noten, Roberto Cavalli, Ann Demeulemeester, etc.

There are long trench coats, short ones, double-breasted and other styles. Most of them look very classy and are perfect for spring wear with its chilly winds and frequent rains.

One more trend that deserves your attention here is shorts or cutoffs.

They are presented in various styles, different lengths and diverse colors.

There are pretty

  • short shorts that must have been created for beaches;
  • longer and more restrained styles are paired with classic shirts and vests(A very nice combination, isn’t it?);
  • bright items seem to be specially made for confident men;
  • nice sporty styles look well on great muscular figures;
  • and many other designs that can be interesting for a modern man.

The designers to use this trend are: Michael Kors, Givenchy, Ann Demeulemeester, Calvin Klein, D&G, Dolce&Gabbana, Etro and so on.

And the last trend is more a detail than a style of a garment – plunging neckline.

They are used in T-shirts, cardigans and even shirts. Such models were noticed in Burberry Prorsum, Neil Barret, Cerruti, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ann Demeulemeester’s collections.

That is all about men trends for spring-summer 2009. Some of them may seem too extravagant, others are very classy. I am sure that even the most particular man will find something that he likes here.

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