Mini skirt – Hot Summer Trend

Modern generation of girls love mini skirts. That’s a common truth. And we don’t wear mini only when it is trendy, we wear it no matter what is trendy!

Mini skirts hot fashion trend

So, it’s just pleasant news that mini is a hot trend for the current summer season. Fashion stylist Rachel Zoe says miniskirts are the must-have fashion item of the moment. She also comments on why shorter skirts are good for your figure.

She said:

Mini is the length that’s happening right now. Shorter skirts elongate legs.”

Mini skirts hot summer trend

Mini skirts and mini dresses look great but when you dress to go out remember one simple fashion rule: don’t expose too much. If you wear a short skirt make sure you don’t reveal anything else. Otherwise you can overdo!

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  • Naice

  • I know there are a lot of men who like women wearing short skirts and dresses; however, I am not one of them. I prefer seeing women wear long skirts and dresses because they look more elegant and romantic plus it shows modesty. I would never talk to or date a girl who wore a short skirt or dress because I would be disgusted by their appearance. I like a girl who is modest and who has shame. I remember when dresses got long in the late 1970′s and how they looked like ladies I can’t wait for the styles to change again and skirts and dresses get longer again.

  • dress sexy trend is becoming too far. But young women should choose their own costumes to suit each situation.