New York Chocolate Fashion Show

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Everybody likes chocolate and nearly everyone likes fashion. There is a way to combine these two favourites – a Chocolate Fashion Show! Last week chocolate fashion shows were held in New York and Toronto.

New York Chocolate Fashion Show

Chocolate show

Once a year we have an opportunity to tell you about the New York Chocolate Show. It is a three-day event held in Manhattan. It is usually opened with its annual “Chocolate Fashion Show,” where designers and pastry chefs join forces to create a “chocolate collection.”

Batgirl by Michael Plosky and Martin Howard

The 11th annual New York Chocolate Show is taking over the huge Pier 94 space at West 55th Street this weekend.

This year a colorful “Super-Hero” chocolate fashion show impressed everyone who saw it. Almost everything the models were wearing was edible.

Black Phoenix X-men by Kit Scarbo, Fritz Knipschildt, Torben Bang and Glamour Girl by Jessie Lyric, Bethany Thouin

More than 60 top chocolatiers and pastry chefs including Jacque Torres, Francois Payard, and Fairytale Brownies presented their sweet collections and culinary extravagance.

The chocolate superheroes you could see at the catwalk were Batgirl, Barbarella, Ironman, Lara Croft and others.

Ironman by Faith Drobin and Michelle Tampakis

Dina Sadik, a chocolatier, said,

“Chocolate is a merciless element. It shows no mercy, it has no mercy. You have to have your timing, you have to have the temperature, you have to have the humidity right. Everything has to be right. You have one shot at it, one shot.”

Villain to Mother Nature (Oil Spill) by Renee Masoomian & Vedika Webb and Barbella by Gregory Gale & Richard Capizzi & Grand Marnier.jpg

The fun and complicatedness of combining chocolate with superhero costumes led designer and chocolatier Joelle Mahoney to work with “chocolate leather” to create a “Xena Warrior Princess” costume for her model.
Joelle Mahoney said,

“Chocolate leather is a combination of chocolate and corn syrup, and then when we finished making it, we then cut it out just like a dress because its like leather. You can touch it, feel it, it is all like leather and it tastes like tootsie roll if you were to eat it.”


wonder woman

The proceeds from the event will benefit breast cancer survivors and activists fighting to empower breast cancer patients.

Leeloo by Brandy Lunsford, Joe Gabriel

Enjoy video from chocolate show!!!

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