Taylor Swift’s dresses for L.E.I just for $14

She sells a lot of albums, covers popular magazines and now she begins to design! Country music singer Taylor Swift has teamed up with teen favorite company L.E.I. to produce a line of summer dresses for Walmart.

I love dresses,” Taylor tells PEOPLE. “And I have always had this dream to make an affordable sundress line.”She

She was a face of L.E.I. (life. energy. intelligence.) the brand for juniors, junior plus and girls, for last year spring/summer collection of denim ad campaign.

Her dresses will be release on February 1st.

I started brainstorming what I would wear this summer, on tour or hanging out at festivals when it’s hot outside,” Taylor says.

The new collection of lightweight jersey outfits in bold colors and girly prints will cost just for $14.

I was totally adamant that I wanted [the dresses] to be affordable. With my headlining tour, we are offering $20 tickets everywhere we go and I wanted to approach the sundress line in the same way,” says Taylor. “To have cute dresses under $20 is something I am really proud of.”

She told about fashion designer dresses for red carpet:

My absolute favorite is the dress that I wore to the CMAs this year. It was the Kaufman Franco glittery one,” Taylor recalls of the dress that landed her on best dressed lists everywhere. “I love dresses that sparkle and that was the epitome of sparkly – it was like a walking mirror.”

I think Taylor Swift will be great at Grammy Awards on February 8th!

She told:

“It has always been my dream to wear an Oscar de la Renta gown. So someday in my life I will wear one.”

Oscar, are you listening?
Tell us: Will you pick up one of Taylor’s summer dresses?

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