Women’s Jeans Become Very Mannish

Jeans are highly practical and comfortable but denim fashion trends has seen so many transformations that one will hardly imagine what can surprise a fashionista now in the style of jeans.

During the recent years jeans have been partly replaced by dresses, leggings and other designers’ stuff.

However, they are back with us and now they are very Mannish!  It’s new denim jeans trends 2009!

Generally the idea currently being propagandized by celebs is not new as girls used to like visiting men clothes’ department to try on some new modern pieces.

For instance, girls from far ‘80s liked to “borrow” their boyfriend stylish denim. And now we see the revival of this style in a woman’s wardrobe.

I guess it happened because many girls are tired of those skinny clinging jeans that restrain movements much.

They decided to sacrifice their sexuality to some extent and wear something more comfortable. Thus, mannish jeans are again accepted as a greatest trend of the season!

When Katy Holmes first wore denim of this type many critics started speaking about her fashion failure and declared that she’d broken her style.

Since that time many more famous women have tried this style and apparently liked it!

At the moment fashion experts even started giving their advice on how to wear such jeans: with beautiful heeled shoes and sexy tops.

The jeans themselves should be worn rolled up from below and look a little baggy and even shabby.

So, if you’re young and have a nice curvy figure that cannot be hidden even under the baggy clothes this option is just for you! Make a standout, don’t lose yourself in the crowd of ordinaries!

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  • Wow! I love this Post! I always love jeans cause its something that would shape me more than dress. I love it. Glad to hear its back on trend.